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LEAKED: iPhone 14 Range Colors are here! Can we expect it in a pink shade?

The iPhone 14 range is almost here, given the launch is expected in September. However, we have a new rumor ahead of the iPhone 14 launch event—the colors of the forthcoming phones. Let us have a look at the rumored colors of the upcoming iPhone 14 range.

Although there is no certainty regarding the colors, we might just have an idea of the shades of the iPhone 14 range upcoming very soon. The following colors are likely to be dropped this year too!

Colors of iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max Range

According to TechRadar, Apple is launching the following colors which will be available during the launch. Interestingly, in some cases, the iPhone 14 Max has not been mentioned. However, going by the past rumors, we can expect the model to come in similar shades as the standard iPhone 14 model. This will be much like the iPhone 13 mini that is currently available in the same colors as the iPhone 13.

Reportedly, the iPhone 14 (and the iPhone 14 Max) model will be available in the following colors:


Apple introduced the beautiful lavender iPhone 12 the following spring. Expectedly, lavender/purple could be a new shade for the iPhone 14 this year. The iPhone 13 is not available in a purple shade yet. Since it is a new shade and an attractive one, we can expect the iPhone 14 range to be available in this shade. This is also mainly because it has leaked at least twice.

Green/Alpine Green

Another popular shade to make rounds in the rumor is green. Although we are not certain about this one as of now (since the iPhone 13 model is available in green), we cannot make a definite prediction yet. Moreover, one source has mentioned the iPhone 14 range in this particular color.


Black is one of the expected colors although the closest current iPhone 13 is dark blue or Midnight blue. Apple can probably offer the upcoming iPhone 14 range in this shade because it is one of the most popular smartphone colors.

At least two sources have suggested that a black shade is planned. Although it’s not a color we’re terribly thrilled by, it’s a safe, understated choice that looks smart and will appeal to many.


The closest neighbor of the black shade is the white one, or Starlight. It is a color that Apple is currently offering in its iPhone 13 lineup. Therefore, Apple might continue with this shade for its upcoming iPhone 14 range.


We can also expect a blue shade because it is another popular color out there. It is less likely than black or white because it is less of a standard shade. However, it is available on current iPhones and has been rumored by multiple sources.


Red is Apple’s favorite color. So, a red iPhone 14 has always been likely, especially plausible here since two sources have already mentioned the same.  We can expect a bright red shade, officially called PRODUCT(RED). Moreover, sales in this color contribute to the fight against global health emergencies.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max Colors

Below are the colors we can expect for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max:

  • Gold or Rose Gold
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Graphite
  • Silver
  • iPhone 14 Range: The Missing Shades

Although we cannot entirely guarantee the above colors, we can still Apple to launch them. Rumors around Apple and its products, especially the iPhone 14 range, have been around for a long time. If these rumors are true, we will probably not see the iPhone 14 range in pink.

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