September 6 or 13, when is iPhone 14 releasing? Read the latest rumors!

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Although we’re nearing the predicted September launch, rumors around the anticipated iPhone 14 are only increasing. Currently, we have a plethora of leaks and predictions about the upcoming Apple phone. Precisely, we have entirely spent 2021 and more than half of 2022 analyzing all the latest iPhone 14 leaks.  

From possible price, likely specs, and camera upgrades to potential price, we have dissected and decoded them all. In fact, we have had leaks from renowned leak gurus. For instance, analyst Kuo had previously cited a delay in shipment due to issues related to the camera’s lens. Let us now look at all the iPhone 14 leaks we know so far.  

Here are the iPhone 14 latest rumors    


1. The iPhone 14 series ASP (average selling price) “will increase by about 15% vs iPhone 13 series ASP,” says Kuo. 15% is significantly higher than previous price leaks. However, it hints at a potential $1300 entry-level iPhone 14 Pro Max.   


2. The new 48MP camera can be a disappointment in low-lighting conditions. This news comes from a leaker who has allegedly used the new phone. “The new 48MP sensor is ‘the best one in a smartphone if there’s enough light’, but there’s some optimization to do regarding night mode. Source says it’s worse than the 13 Pro in that field. There’s a substantial amount of noise,” reports LeaksApplePro.  


3. A graphic designer has drawn up renders of what the iPhone 14 Pro with an always-on display could look like, using iOS 16 beta designs. Not so surprisingly, it looks great.   


4. Most importantly, the storage upgrade tipped for the iPhone 14 Pro may have been shot down by a new analyst report.   


5. Lastly, Apple could launch the iPhone 14 earlier than expected on the first Tuesday of September, rather than a week later than normal. 


iPhone 14 Leaks: Release Date and Pricing 

According to all the rumors, September 13 will be the official launch date for the iPhone 14 range. Moreover, Apple has begun filming for the iPhone 14’s debut already. Hence, it seems as if we will probably be seeing the new iPhone next month.  

Moreover, pre-orders for the iPhone 14 range might go live the Friday after the Apple event on September 16. Certainly, the phones will release a week later—on Friday, September 23 and 10 days after the rumored Apple event.  

Here comes the twist. According to one rumor, Apple could postpone its usual launch schedule by a week. If the rumor is true, we can see the new iPhone 14 on September 6! But this seems unlikely as the day comes after Labor Day and can create hindrances in the events’ preparation. In case Apple wanted to give potential customers more time to pre-order the iPhone, that would be a good way to do so without disrupting future plans. 

Now, let’s come to the pricing of the upcoming iPhone 14 range. Analyst Kuo’s new tweets say that there might be a price increase of $100. But, in return, Apple could offer 256GB as starting storage instead of 128GB. Nevertheless, the standard iPhone 14 is expected to stick at $799, according to Twitter leaker Dohyun Kim. On the other hand, the new iPhone 14 Max is tipped to cost $899. 

Here are some other rumors and iPhone 14 leaks that you should know! 

  • The iPhone 14 will probably look similar to the iPhone 13. However, the Pro and Pro Max models will get a punch-hole camera instead of a notch. In fact, the iPhone 14 Max will endorse a bigger screen.  
  • The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro will have 6.1-inch (or 6.06-inch) 1170 x 2532 OLED screens. Whereas, the iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max could have 6.7-inch (or 6.68-inch) 1284 x 2778 OLED screens. Expect a 120Hz refresh rate on the Pro models and a 60Hz refresh rate on the others. 
  • The Pro and Pro Max will have 48MP main cameras (up from 12MP on the current models). All the models will have triple-lens snappers except for the standard iPhone 14, which will have 2 rear camera lenses.  
  • Although rumors say iPhone 14 will have the A15 chipset again this year, it could be mildly upgraded to the A16. All phones will have 6GB, according to the rumors, but the Pro range will have faster and more advanced memory.  
  • Various claims suggest the battery capacity could increase, with the phones getting thicker to house their larger batteries. One leak has detailed possible specific capacities, with them all increasing except the iPhone 14 Pro Max. 


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