India’s First Official Apple Stores Finally Open in Mumbai and Delhi

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India as the 2nd largest smartphone market was surprisingly still missing an official Apple store. 

That changed last Tuesday, 18th April when the first-ever Apple store opened for business in Mumbai at the Jio world center, BKC. The smartphone maker didn’t want to stop at just one and opened another official Apple Saket store today in New Delhi’s Select CityWalk Mall in Saket.

Before these stores opened up, users had to rely on online marketplaces and resellers to get their Apple products. Now, they can get those gadgets on the same day they launch. 

tim cook in india
Tim Cook greets first customers as Apple debuts India retail store.

India’s First Official Apple Stores

Apple opened its doors at 11:00 AM this Tuesday with a lively environment featuring local music and folk dances. Visitors were also allowed to freely explore its products and services. The design of the 20,000 sq. ft. store was inspired by black-and-yellow taxis that were already omnipresent in the city. There are about 100 employees currently working at the new Apple store in Mumbai for all customers’ assistance.

Official Apple Stores Apple Saket store today in New Delhi’s Select CityWalk Mall in Saket.

The New Delhi store isn’t as massive as the other one but still has over 70 employees, half of whom are women. The staff also comes from 18 different states and can speak 15 different languages to assist customers from all across India. 

Apple’s new step towards treating the Indian smartphone market with these new stores has been a welcome initiative.  

Official Apple Stores, New Delhi’s Select CityWalk Mall in Saket.

Winding Up 

Still being the price-sensitive Indian market, iPhone is a luxury choice for many locals.  

The reason behind Tim Cook’s expansion in the Indian market is a direct response to its success in the Chinese market. 

The Indian market currently accounts for 5% of total iPhone production which makes it a rising manufacturing base for the iPhone. And, investing in India’s growing premium smartphone market will be an added benefit to the company. 

Tim Cook’s 2016 visit was intended to scale up his business. And in this recent visit, he opened 2 retail stores in India. So, let’s wait and see what he is planning to do next for the Indian market.

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