iCIMS scoops as the ‘Best Overall AI Solution’ Title
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iCIMS HR Solution Wins ‘Best Overall AI Solution’ Award

Global talent acquisition tech company, iCIMS has scooped the ‘Best Overall AI Solution’ title. iCIMS announced that its solution, iCIMS Talent Cloud AI was feted during the 7th annual AI Breakthrough Awards. The iCIMS AI award establishes Talent Cloud AI as a powerful technology that users can trust.

AI Breakthrough Awards is a prestigious market intelligence company that recognizes top technologies, firms, and products in the global AI market. The company’s Managing Director, Steve Johansson said that 2024 winners were identified through a highly competitive process.

PRNewswire reported that AI Breakthrough received thousands of submissions under various categories. After an intense review of the applications, the iCIMS Best Overall AI Solutions title was awarded to the HR tech company

Recruitment Simplified

The iCIMS AI solution helps companies to simplify recruitment processes. It allows users to make the process more engaging by matching jobs with talent and enhancing the search experience for users.

The technology also allows talent acquisition teams to give candidates more positive and personalized experiences. By scaling these experiences, businesses can find the most suitable candidates with ease. This fast-tracks the hiring process and accelerates staff growth. According to the HR tech company, businesses that use its AI solution can fill job vacancies twice as fast as those that don’t.

HR and business leaders are always looking for new ways to improve the experience and create more efficiency – and iCIMS does just that across the talent journey. iCIMS Talent Cloud AI gives customers a competitive hiring edge to build and scale winning teams, smarter and faster, with reduced complexity and cost,” Johansson said.

Purpose-Built AI

iCIMS has embedded AI across its talent acquisition platform, eliminating the need for integration. The company has trained its AI on billions of datasets across millions of candidate profiles. The AI has also been trained on thousands of business activities from organizations that attract over 200 million job applications and make over 5.5 million hires yearly.

There’s no doubt that AI provides a massive swath of opportunities, but it’s so important to get it right. It requires working with the right tech vendors, training and upskilling employees, and level-setting expectations. iCIMS is driving technological innovation in TA forward, without exacerbating risk for our customers, their candidates, and our own employees,”iCIMS VP of AI, Andreea Wade said.

Businesses rely on iCIMS’ responsible AI to leverage best practices, comply with global HR regulations, and facilitate third-party audits. iCIMS AI breakthrough is built on the principles of robustness, safety, fairness, inclusivity, privacy, and transparency.

Long History

iCIMS has a long history with AI-based innovations. Its AI journey was fast-tracked in 2020 when it acquired Opening.io. Early this year, the company advanced its AI program by unveiling a generative AI recruiting assistant. This tool enables recruitment teams to hire smarter and more efficiently.

Recently, the company announced that it will be launching the iCIMS Candidate Experience Management system. This next-generation CRM will allow recruitment teams to find and nurture talent using a mix of marketing automation, artificial intelligence, and engagement scoring. iCIMS will be unveiling new product innovations during a product release event later this month.

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