Hypefactors Announces Launch of 4th Generation Reputation AI

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Hypefactors, a SaaS company delivering unified solutions, has launched next-gen Reputation Artificial Intelligence on September 20. Hypefactors incorporate the latest scientific advances in NLP to deliver unprecedented precision, accuracy, and automation to end-users through algorithmic advances in machine learning.

Additionally, they drastically increased data accuracy by recruiting an in-house linguists team with diverse language and cultural backgrounds.

Hypefactor’s core is AI Reputation tracking that enables large-scale tracking from traditional and digital media outlets across the world in real-time. These insights can reveal early-stage opportunities and ongoing protective measures to pre-empt shitstorms.

4th gen AI is a leap from the previous generations as it is 2x in size and architecturally more sophisticated. It is built using 2x more data whereas the 3rd gen AI was primarily developed for serving PR/Communications use cases.

The latest-gen AI can not only serve business areas such as Risk Management, Finance, and Market Intelligence. It will automatically activate existing and new clients and offer upcoming API solutions to be launched in Q4/2021.

Here, the Hypefactors global media database, automation, and enrichments will be integrated into other existing IT platforms and infrastructure to make the technology available for more users and provide additional revenue.

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