Huawei Launches ADN Solution to Bring Intelligent Connectivity to Enterprises

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At HUAWEI CONNECT 2020, Huawei has officially released its Autonomous Driving Network (ADN) solution. This new solution brings intelligence to networks by integrating the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) at the network element (NE).

This will empower hyper-automated digital services and operations across industries by driving enterprise networks towards the autonomous driving era.

The company says that as we approach the world of intelligence, networks of enterprise will extend from office to production, change from static configuration to on-demand adjustment, and transform from single-domain to network-wide collaboration.

According to Huawei’s Global Industry Vision (GIV) 2025, 97% of large enterprises will be using AI by 2025.

Lu Hongju says “Huawei plans to fully introduce AI into the connectivity field and build ADNs, thereby enabling networks to evolve from simple automation to hyper-automation with human-machine collaboration.

“We also expect to achieve level-3 conditional autonomous networks in three years, level-4 highly autonomous networks in five years, and level-5 fully autonomous networks in seven to ten years.”

Huawei ADN aims to build a self-organizing, self-healing, and self-optimizing autonomous network by completely integrating 3-layer AI capabilities.

  • NE+AI: Introduction of AI to NEs to create digital intelligent NE. Each NE and network is endowed with more precise processing, insights, and inference execution.
  • Network+AI: Introduction of AI is reinventing the network management system (NMS) by building a digital twin through intelligent management and control systems. It can be controlled by managed in a closed-loop manner.
  • Cloud+AI: Network AI training and model services are provided on the cloud are continuously upgraded to boost the autonomous driving capabilities.

Huawei’s ADN is all in one solution, consisting of intelligent campus, optical transport, IP WAN, and data center network devices; iMaster NCE and iMaster MAE; and two major cloud service products. It stands out with extensive innovations in all-scenario such as O&M models, full-series system architectures, and business experience.

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It will enable enterprises to transition to the autonomous driving era with ease and bring intelligent connectivity. Huawei will continue to work with all stakeholders across all industries to empower intelligent connectivity and scale new heights.

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