HR Tech Platform Automates Hiring Process with Ashby Recruitment AI
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HR Tech Platform Automates Hiring Process with Ashby Recruitment AI

US-based HR Tech company, Ashby is integrating AI into the recruitment process. According to TechCrunch, Ashby recruitment AI makes it possible for recruiters to search applicant databases for the right candidates for the job by leveraging AI-powered filters.

Ashby supports companies of all sizes in meeting their growth goals by injecting efficiency into their hiring process. To find candidates, recruiters provide a description of the candidate they’re looking for in plain language. Ashby AI automatically writes the requisite filter logic before booleans the search query.

Talent Acquisition

Ashby recruitment dose AI solves one of the biggest hiring challenges recruiters face – streamlining the hiring process. Without intuitive recruitment or candidate management systems, attracting the right people to fill specific positions can be a nightmare for any company or recruitment agency. Ashby improves talent acquisition for companies across the board.

“The industry has gone from companies rapidly growing headcount to suddenly retracting, changing the dynamic of the talent market and how talent acquisition teams need to adjust. The pain is felt all the way at the top, with executives citing talent as the number one topic, making them uneasy,” notes Encz.

Recruitment AI Ashby addresses this pain point by allowing companies to consolidate their talent acquisition tools.

Automating Recruitment Process 

The HR tech platform leverages AI to automate monotonous tasks throughout the recruitment pipeline. Businesses and recruitment agencies can use Ashby recruitment AI to generate job listings, attract candidates, and send calendar interview invitations to qualified candidates. Throughout this process, recruiters can track progress through dashboards that deliver real-time metrics.

“As hiring managers and leadership team members ourselves, we know how difficult it has historically been for employees outside a recruiting team to have a positive experience with an applicant tracking system (ATS). Ashby was built with all stakeholders in mind, as we believe talent is the most important element for a company to be aligned on for growth,” Encz notes.

A Rich Background 

Ashby was founded in 2018 by Abhik Pramanik and Benjamin Encz. Pramanik previously served as an R & D Engineer in different companies before joining a venture capital firm where he co-founded a mental health app, Choir. A few years later, he worked with a startup company- PlanGrid. This company dealt in construction productivity software. This is where he and Encz met.

Encz’s work at PlanGrid involved attracting and onboarding talent. Previously, he had worked at IBM before joining a consulting firm. However, it’s at PlanGrid that he interacted with the hiring process and the pain points associated with it.

Recently, Ashby raised $30 million in equity financing. With the latest funding, Ashby will advance product development and expand its enterprise.

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