CONFIRMED: New Leaks on Pixel 7 are not surprising but disappointing!

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We have some surprising leaks on Pixel 7 and they are disappointing. In the past, Google has teased some aspects of its upcoming Pixel flagship. These incomplete leaks left us (as well as leakers) guessing the missing aspects. However, one latest leak suggests that the Pixel 6 is all we need to know about the upcoming Pixel 7.   

Kuba Wojciechowski’s thread on Google Pixel 7  

The latest leak on Pixel 7 comes from leaker and developer Kuba Wojciechowski. In his latest tweet, Kuba wrote an entire thread dedicated to diving deep into the Pixel software. Moreover, he has uncovered the names of the sensors that the upcoming Pixel phone will use.   

📸 I have obtained info about camera hardware configurations on several upcoming Google Pixel devices. While this isn’t as important as Google’s software – obviously – it still reveals some interesting changes. Thread 🧵👇,” wrote Kuba.   

He further added, “First of all, it’s important to mention that figuring out this information wasn’t trivial – Google has actually obfuscated all the sensors’ names in their code (which is the source of all this) in order to stop leaks from data diggers like myself, however that isn’t enough.”  


                                                     Source: Twitter  


To summarize Kuba’s threads, it seems as if the Google Pixel 7 phones will use the same sensors as the Pixel 6 predecessors. This can be true (at least) for the main and ultra-wide cameras. Essentially, this could also mean a 50MP main and a 12MP ultra-wide camera.   

Moreover, the Pixel 7 Pro will use the selfie sensor that the Pixel 6 Pro had (11MP). However, it indicates the Pixel 7 could get this too instead of using one with a lower resolution.    

Another surprising discovery is the Pixel 6 Pro’s telephoto camera will come with a sensor change. Although it is switching from one 48MP sensor to another, it won’t exactly be a massive upgrade. Kuba further adds that this move will ensure all sensors are manufactured by the same company—Samsung.   

These are the surprising lack of changes in the Pixel 7 series. Although Google could be preparing several software features like ‘think magic eraser’, it is also possible that cameras are not the only focus of our next-gen phones.   

But that’s not it. Kuba also provided leaks on Google Pixel Tablet and Google Pixel Fold.   

Here are some of the key highlights from Kuba’s thread:   

  • According to the code, it has two sensors, both of them IMX355 – the same 8MP sensor as the selfie cam on a regular Pixel 6. It’s probably used as a good cost-saving measure.  
  • “P7” – an unknown foldable, likely codename “Pipit” or “Passport”: While the exact positional setup is unknown, there is a list of sensors: Standard GN1 for the main sensor, IMX363, IMX386 (Pixel 6’s UW) – listed as “FOLDED” and IMX355 (Pixel 6’s front).  
  • Another device in the code is Lynx – L10 – an alleged third high-end 2022 Pixel: The main shooter is the familiar GN1, however that’s where that ends. A secondary lens is a Sony IMX787 of unknown purpose, probably tele. This is a first for Google – they usually use older sensors.  
  • The front sensor is also new – an unannounced IMX712, apparently 13MP.  

Kuba concludes the thread by stating: “My theory is that Lynx is some sort of an internal device for Google to evaluate new camera sensors, however, they might still surprise us. Either way, we will probably find out soon enough.”  

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