Google Partners with Associated Press to Offer Authoritative Results

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For next week’s election, Google is partnering with the Associated Press to provide authoritative results along with other voting features. Now, when any of Google’s users will search for election results it will bring up a dedicated feature with up-to-date information. This feature is for both web and Google Assistant on smart speakers.  

This is Google’s other latest attempts to prepare for a potentially chaotic vote-counting process.   

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Last month, Google had announced that it would ban all ads related to the U.S. election after the polls close on November 3rd. This was his attempt to forestall candidates prematurely and claiming victory.   

The company has also published some new updates on the potential hacking campaigns relating to the election. They have added panels on YouTube addressing voting-related misinformation. Lastly, they have introduced a Google News hub for the 2020 elections.   

Earlier this month, its users were able to find polling places with Search or with the help of the Maps.  

In previous elections, the company had offered these kinds of features and partnered with the AP for an “election buzz” tool.   

However, now the digital platforms are under particular pressure than ever before to offer accurate information during the 2020 election.   

This is because many votes are received by mail days after the polls close. This gives unverified stories plenty of time to spread across social media sites.  

In the mean times, several other web platforms are introducing similar informational tools before the elections.   

For instance, yesterday, Twitter added a banner that told its users that election results might be delayed. It also offered more information about mail-in voting. 

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