Google Might be Making its First In-house Smartwatch Due in 2022

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Google is finally working on its first in-house smartwatch which it might launch in 2022, according to an Insider report. 

We have seen Google try its hand on smartphones (the Pixel line) for years under which has since extended to other accessories but its own smartwatch is unheard of, despite its companion wearable platform. 

One might say that the new Galaxy Watch 4 is still more of a Samsung wearable than a Google one. The codenamed of the watch is “Rohan.” Currently it is being worked upon by Google’s Pixel group separately from Fitbit. 

According to Insider’s report, the upcoming watch might not actually be called a “Pixel Watch” yet. The watch will serve the same role as the Pixel phones do for Android, for instance both hardware and consumers partners of what Google’s software is truly capable of with the right hardware.  

The device will be more expensive than a Fitbit and directly compete with the Apple Watch. Reportedly, the watch will have basic fitness tracking features, with Google working on a debuting Fitbit integration into Wear OS. 

Currently, the company is in the middle of reinvention of its smartwatch platform unlike the earlier versions of Wear OS. They developed Wear OS 3 as a partnership with Samsung by merging the Tizen platform into Google. But, till date, Wear OS 3 has only launched on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4, which is heavily customized version of their new OS. 

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