Gmail Blue Ticks – Google to Be the Latest Brand Introducing Verified Profiles

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The latest post from Google Workspace Updates blog, announces blue ticks for Gmail users. The new verification checkmark will be an addition to Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) in Gmail, which Google introduced in 2021. In the previous update, brands had to use strong authentication and verify their brand logo to make it appear as the avatar for their profiles.

The latest update to the BIMI will add blue tick checkmark icons for the senders who follow the BIMI process. This is an effort to improve easy identification for users to distinguish them from scammers and illegitimate senders.

The goal behind this update is to create a better email ecosystem for users and senders. Users get the benefit of a clear distinction between authentic senders and scammers. While senders can secure profile verification to support their brand’s trustworthiness.

Gmail Blue Ticks - Google to Be the Latest Brand Introducing Verified Profiles

How to Setup BIMI and Get Gmail Blue Ticks

To get your Brand logo authenticated and get a blue tick checkmark beside your email, you need to follow these steps:

1. Prepare to set up BIMI

2. Create and upload your brand logo

3. Get your Verified Mark Certificate (VMC)

4. Add a BIMI TXT record to your domain

You can learn more about these steps directly from Google’s instructions at its help center.

Rollout of Gmail Blue Ticks and Their Availability

Google has already given the green light for a full rollout starting on May 3, 2023. The feature will be available to all Google Workspace customers and Basic and Business customers of the legacy G Suite. The feature will also be available to users with personal Google Accounts.

The Impact of Gmail Blue Ticks

Google’s effort to improve the email ecosystem is a continued part of the effort to improve online security. Along with the standard specification Google and Apple are setting to tackle privacy concerns, this change will reduce scammers and increase users’ awareness.

The Impact of Gmail Blue Ticks

Another important thing about the Gmail blue ticks is that users will not have to pay 8 bucks a month for them, Looking at you Twitter. Speaking of, this new update from Google will surely be appreciated by users.

We’re on our way to get our profile verified, what about you?

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