India Became 1st Country to Land on the South Pole of the Moon

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The Lander Module (LM) of the Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO) Chandrayaan-3, has successfully landed on the Moon’s south pole. The Vikram Lander which made a successful soft landing on the lunar surface, helped India become the 4th country to land on the Moon. And the 1st to land on the south pole of the Moon. The other countries who made a soft landing on the lunar surface are the USSR, the U.S., and China.  

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Addresses the Audience

India’s Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi addresses the audience from Johannesburg, South Africa. Says, he is “very curious about the mission.” He also said, “This moment is unforgettable, as is this afternoon. This moment is of Developing India. This mission accomplishment will bring joy to the whole country. Today we all have witnessed India’s strength as it landed on the Moon.”

PM Modi Congratulated the ISRO team, the Chandrayaan team, and all Indian scientists. He also added, “with the hard work of the ISRO scientists, India is finally on the Moon at the south pole where no other country has landed yet.”

He further added that India’s Successful Moon Mission is not India’s alone, but of the entire humanity. The PM continued by saying, “Our stance of one Earth one family and one future is resonating across the globe.”

A Prized Achievement for India

India becomes a member of a select group of nations that have accomplished a soft landing on the Moon. China, Russia, and the United States are the only current members of the club.

Russia’s Luna-25 mission attempted to land on the Moon for the first time since their previous visit in 1976. Its goal was to attempt a soft landing on the Moon’s south pole, which was also the goal of missions Chandrayaan-2 and Chandrayaan-3.

Future Projects by ISRO

In the future, ISRO is going to launch Mission Sun, using Aditya L1. ISRO also plans to launch a mission to study Venus. PM Modi also stated sending humans to the moon is one of the missions ISRO will be hoping to achieve. With consistent space success, India is proving time and again that sky is not the limit.

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