C/side Funding Round Bags $1.7M for Browser Security Innovation
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C/side Funding Round Bags $1.7M for Browser Security Innovation

US-based cybersecurity startup C/side has received $1.7 million in financial backing to build web browser security solutions. In a pre-seed C/Side funding round led by Scribble Ventures, the cybersecurity startup C/side bagged investments from leading cybersecurity angel investors including Jason Warner, Don Scheinman, and Kathy Korevec.

According to Tech Funding News, C/side attracted investments from industry heavyweights. This is a testament to the high potential its web security innovation holds. C/side is run by a team of highly experienced individuals who have previously worked at JP Morgan, Microsoft, and Cloudflare. The startup aims to mitigate megacart cyber attacks by alerting users about unauthorized payment content changes. It will also provide tools that reduce browser vulnerabilities.

Operator in Residence at Scribble Ventures, Kevin Weil said, “C/side is a pioneering cybersecurity company dedicated to securing the browser supply chain against zero-day attacks.”

AI in Cybersecurity

C/side’s web security solution leverages AI to optimize, monitor, and secure third-party scripts. It gives users full visibility into browser scripts and caching them for fast browsing. Although third-party scripts improve user experience, they pose browser security risks because they rely on infrastructure that’s prone to hijacking. Conventional security solutions are designed to guard against inbound attacks. This makes browsers susceptible to external script attacks, which are increasingly becoming common and more advanced.

C/side Founder and CEO Simon Wijckmans said, “We are creating a toolkit that handles third-party scripts with an advanced proxy service. With our unique, AI-fueled detection engine, we enable customers to solve a massive security hole while also improving the performance of their website by up to 30%.”

Besides threat detection and intelligence, C/side fight browsers combine AI with historical context to review script behavior and payloads. The startup says its solution can track 70+ script attributes for suspicious behavior. It can crawl numerous sites and process a million scripts to identify attacks per day.

Digital Payment Standards

C/side funding comes at a time when the Security Standards Council is introducing the PCI DSS 4.0 standard. These standards require online shops that handle digital payments to put in place robust security measures. The cybersecurity startup’s security toolkit aligns well with industry standards for e-commerce sites to enhance their compliance and security. It will go a long way in helping online shops comply with the PCI DSS 4.0 standards.

C/side latest funding round will enable the tech startup to fast-track its product development processes and expand partner programs and market entry initiatives.


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