Bug in New Chrome OS Update is Preventing Users from Accessing Chromebooks 

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Recently, Android Central has reported that there is a bug in the latest Chrome OS version 91.0.4472.165 and it is preventing users from accessing their Chromebooks.   

Reports say that several issues started flooding since Google pushed out the Chrome OS update today. The new update impacted users by logging them out of their Chromebook accounts, and not allowed to log back in.   

However, users were able to access their notebooks with a guest account that isn’t protected by a password.   

Google is aware of the problem but is yet to address the issue officially. They have pulled down the new update and there’s no record of it on the Chrome OS update chart.   

Notably, earlier this month, several Chromebook users had reported issues with the Chrome OS v91.0.4472.147 that affected Linux container and CPU performance. But the update got patched up last week.  

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Many users have shared their issues on social media, for instance, a Twitter user claimed that his Pixelbook faced boot looping issues due to the Chrome OS update version 91.0.4472.165.   

Besides, following the update, many users on Reddit shared their problems that were unavoidable via automatic update settings.   

Two of my devices wouldn’t accept my password, and I had to power wash. They both appear to be working now, and yes, under 91.0.4472.16,” a user on the Reddit threat claimed.   

Until the issue is fully resolved, it is best for users to not accept the update available on the system and make sure not to restart their Chromebook.   

Some users have a claim that they can restore the system by using powerwash, – an option available on Chrome OS that resets settings and user information. If users go by this method, they will lose their stored files on the system.   

Till the search engine, giant officially addresses the issues and fixes the problem users should access the system from guest mode.   

You can go to the guest mode by clicking the “Browse as Guest” button on the login screen. You will find the option on the bottom-left corner to try to log into guest modes instead of your main account.   

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