Aptar Partners with SHL Medical to Optimize Patient Experience
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Aptar-SHL Medical Partnership Could Improve Self-Injectable Therapy

Aptar Digital Health and SHL Medical are now working together. They aim to provide self-injectable therapy to patients. Yahoo Finance suggested that the Aptar SHL Medical partnership will give patients a better experience. It will help them manage disease better.

Apter Digital Health offers a range of healthtech solutions. These include digital Patient Support Programs. It provides Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) and connected devices. SHL Medical specializes in the provision of advanced drug delivery systems. They include pen injectors, autoinjectors, and innovative specialty delivery systems.

Platform Integration

Self-inject therapy is a self-administering process. It involves injecting medication into a vein or into the area where a patient feels chronic pain. Patients prefer injection therapy because it bypasses the digestive system. Medication is also delivered directly into the bloodstream and into inflamed tissues. This provides immediate relief that lasts longer.

“Embarking on a self-injection therapy and adhering to a consistent injection schedule can pose a challenge to patients in being actively involved in their treatment journey. By joining forces with SHL Medical, a world-class leader in innovative drug delivery systems, we aim to positively and durably change the experience of patients who must self-inject regularly,” Aptar Digital Health President, Sai Shankar said.

Aptar and SHL Medical partnership will extend SHL’s connected device technology to patients. Aptar will integrate the technology into its SaMD platform to achieve this. Together, the two systems will provide patients with complete solutions to manage their disease.

Leveraging Strengths

Healthcare is very dynamic these days. Aptar and SHL Medical’s self-injectable therapies meet the needs of patients who rely on home-based care.

“The increasing need for home-based treatments and the evolving healthcare landscape have created a need for collaborative innovation within the drug delivery industry. With our combined expertise, the partnership with Aptar Digital Health will serve as the first step in realizing a thoroughly needed digital ecosystem for injectable drugs, starting with a digital transformation that will impact the end-to-end value chain in the future,” noted SHL Medical’s Chief Technical Officer, Ralph Howald.

To give patients a good experience, SHL Medical devices will be on Aptar’s SaMD platform. These include Molly® Connected Cap. This is a smart, retrofittable device. It comes with the Molly® modular platform autoinjector. Adding the Molly® Connected Cap to Aptar’s SaMD platform will give patients more support. It will help them during self-administration.

End-to-End Solutions

Aptar’s SaMD platform adapts its digital health solutions to patients. It matches their disease state, profile, and treatment plan. This empowers patients as they embark on their treatment journey. The Aptar-SHL Medical partnership combines the expertise of the two companies. This will enable them to create end-to-end pharmaceutical solutions that enhance patient experiences.

Aptar Digital Health will use this partnership to reinforce its portfolio. The company will offer a range of services. These services will give patients positive experiences during their treatment. These include patient identification, activation, pre-prescription, and prescription support. They’ll also direct-to-patient services and provision of disease management platforms.

SHL Medical will endorse Aptar Digital Health in the pharmaceutical industry. The health company will position Aptar Digital as a trusted partner. It will do so for its large portfolio of connected devices and digital health solutions.

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