AppZen Launches Mastermind Analytics to Deliver On-Demand Finance Solution Powered by AI

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AppZen, leading AI solution for finance teams, is set to launch Mastermind Analytics. Mastermind Analytics is AI software that identifies spend risks and provides benchmarks. The new analytic software gives finance teams visibility of behavior patterns and assessment of areas of improvement.

The app has been observing increased demand as CFOs lead digital transformation initiatives within their finance teams. The app streamlines the process for finance teams and reduces the costs for businesses.

Mastermind Analytics provides finance teams on-demand insights into spend, operational performances, and risk. So, they can focus on other important tasks. It also helps eliminate wasteful spending and provides metrics to make processes more efficient.

Some features of Mastermind Analytics are:

  • Visibility of behavior patterns beyond the audit.
  • Insights built on top of the most accurate and 100% audited spend data
  • Real-time view of the finances
  • Benchmarking against peer organizations
  • Option to create dashboards for specific use cases, teams, and metrics

Anant Kale, chief executive officer and founder of AppZen, said “We are excited to offer this unique analytics capability as part of the AppZen AI software suite of products. Finance teams will now have access to previously unavailable out-of-policy spend information that enables immediate visibility into patterns and activity that could indicate, and prevent, more complex risks of fraud and waste.

The software requires zero integration and enables self-service changes to dashboards. Now, the business will have the option to build extensive dashboards and charts with no IT or engineering support.

Mastermind Analytics has been created to provide finance teams with confidence while empowering them through actionable insights. This also addresses the problem areas in the spending process.


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