Breaking News: Apple’s second-generation AR/VR Headset will be here in Jan 2025, Says Kuo!

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Previously, there have been fiery rumors spreading around Apple’s upcoming augmented and mixed-reality headsets. Now, we are going to have the second version of the device! Popular analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo confirmed in his blog post that Apple plans to launch its second-generation AR/VR headset in the first half of 2025. The second generation of the device will probably feature a more high-end configuration and it will be a new affordable option.   

 Apple’s second-generation AR/VR headset! 

Rumors around Apple working on an augmented and mixed-reality headset have been on fire since its announcement. According to analysts Kuo, we are about to get the second generation of the device. In his blog post, Kuo explored some of what he has heard about Apple’s plans to develop its new products further once the first version has shipped. However, we do not have a concrete date, even for the release of the first one.   

The second-generation Apple AR/VR may have high-end and more-affordable models, which will launch in 1H25, and component suppliers will start shipping in 2H24. Apple AR/MR shipments may reach 10 million units as soon as 2025 or 2026, thanks to the second-generation Apple AR/MR product segmentation strategy and ecosystem,” Kuo wrote in his medium blog post.   

He further added that Apple AR/MR shipments may reach 10 million units as soon as 2025 or 2026—thanks to the second-generation Apple AR/MR product segmentation strategy and ecosystem. Although this might sound extravagant for other companies, Apple’s (apparent) commitment to the project might not be fanciful.  

 What does Kuo have to say? 

Kuo is further of the belief that once the first-generation chips, Apple will be working on the second generation of devices that will include a range of models, including more high-end and low-end options to suit a wider set of budgets.  

Considering his blog post, we can expect the second generation of devices will apparently have improved lens modules for each eye. This will contribute to potentially increasing visual fidelity and perhaps allow the designs to shrink down slightly—a key variable for wearable headsets or glasses. Kuo has not specified any dollar pricing, preferring just to say ‘more affordable’ about the second generation. Previous reports have, however, claimed that the first headset will cost around $2,000. 

 What can we expect from Apple’s second-gen AR/VR Headset? 

Here are a few insights from Kuo’s Medium blog post on the second generation of Apple’s AR/VR mixed-reality headset:   

  • The first-generation Apple AR/MR Pancake lens suppliers are Genius (main supplier) and Young Optics (second supplier). GIS is the Pancake lens lamination supplier. The above suppliers are expected to be in the second-generation supply chain.    
  • The first-generation Apple AR/MR will adopt two 3P Pancake modules (one for each eye). The total cost of the Pancake lenses is about $30–40 (USD), roughly equivalent to 20 high-end 7P lenses. It provides a new growth driver for Apple’s optical supply chain in the medium and long term. The cost of the second-generation Pancake lenses will likely increase to improve the visual experience and form factor design.    
  • Largan will likely be a new supplier of the Pancake lens for the second-generation Apple AR/MR headset and expand production capacity for this order in its new Taichung plant.  

 As with most information about Apple’s plans for unannounced products, we may not hear anything from the Cupertino manufacturer for quite some time. However, this certainly makes it sound like Apple’s AR glasses are going to be here to stay once they do arrive

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