Apple’s Annual Conference To Take Place Virtually

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Today, Apple Inc announced that it will hold its conference for software developers which happen annually, beginning from June 22. In the conference, they roll out new features for its iPhone’s and iPad’s operating systems. There is also a possibility that the company is signaling a departure from Intel Corp, 15-years of Mac computer processor suppler.

The company has also announced the Swift Student Challenge. It is an opportunity for student developers to showcase their work in coding by creating their Swift playground. Worldwide Developer Conference is a paid service sold through the App Store. It has become central to the company’s revenue growth because of the consumer’s slowed the growth of iPhone upgrades. California based company takes around 15% to 30% cut of the sales developers to make through the App Store. App Store is the only way to distribute software onto Apple devices.

Apple’s fees and strict app review process have come under antitrust scrutiny in the U.S. and Europe. Last week, regulators unveiled a formal probe. However, developers are still attracted to the platform provided by Apple because it offers lucrative opportunities with a user base that is willing to spend money on apps.

This year, due to the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic, the annual developer conference is being held online for the very first time. It will be help on in the Apple Developer app and on the Apple Developer website for free for all developers. The conference is the place where the company often announces access to new hardware capabilities, for instance, special tools for augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

This year it could announce a move to break ways with Intel and its supply of processors for Mac computers since 2006. It could also announce that it will start using its house-designed processors.  Finally, Reuters reported that the company could announce one laptop and desktop model which will be using new chips. The company already uses its processor designs in iPhones in iPads.

There have been no words for the company or its spokeswoman on the company’s plans or products. On Monday, Apple announced that it will build on its tool called Catalyst, which was introduced last year. It aims to introduce an easy way for developers to move their apps from Apple’s mobile OS to Mac computers.


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