Apple Will Be Including Augmented Reality In Its Gobi App

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Apple has evident been stressing on Augmented Reality technology and has also defined several ways it might define future technology.  Its new AR app, Gobi, is rumored to have customized QR codes for the Mac Pro, Starbucks, Star Wars, Apple Watch, and others that would open their respective websites. For example, by scanning the QR code the app will open the Starbucks app’s sign-in to order page, avail discounts, the Star Wars Rogue One movie on iTunes, and more.

According to some of the leaked iOS 14 file notes, users can even shop on the app. One of its several shopping features even allows customers to check out a 3D rendering of the Apple Watch on the Apple store online. The Gobi app can both show and place an AR version of the pagoda tower on a table.

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In the upcoming iOS 14, the Find My app will be said to have some major enhancements such as the app will enable users to find their missing devices by giving out sound and vibration feedback. Furthermore, depending on the distance between users and the lost device, the app will play sounds according to their progress.

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These AR features look promising, however, they might not be released till later this year. The good news is that Apple is expected to soon announce its iOS 14 next month at the WWDC event.


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