Apple to Make 2.5m MacBooks with In-house Designed CPU

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Recently, Apple has been asking some of its suppliers to produce as many as 2.5 million MacBook laptops which are powered by in-house designed CPU by early 2021. This news comes as the tech giant starts to rapidly cut down on its reliance on Intel chips.  

Initial stages of production orders MacBook to use the Apple Silicon CPUs that are equivalent to 2019’s 20% of total MacBook shipments.  

California’s tech giant has also taken robust steps to place orders for older models of iPhones ahead of the holiday season. Sources say they are trying to make up for shortages of its 5G lineup facing a month-long production delay due to coronavirus.

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In the second quarter of next year, the giant is slated to introduce other MacBook models using its own CPUs.   

The company intends to fully cut the use of Intel’s standard CPUs in its MacBook lineup within two years.  

Next Tuesday, Cupertino-based tech giant has scheduled an online launch event for the Apple Silicon MacBook. One month after the launch, the company is finally beginning to ship the delayed 5G iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max models unveiled on Oct 13.   

The demand for the iPhone 12 Pro has been much higher than Apple had anticipated initially. The company has been hit by supply constraints for some components to making matters even worse. These components include power chips and lidar components used for depth-sensing imaging functions.  

Recently, Bloomberg has reported that there are some power management IC shortages within the supply chain which is impacting the availability of the iPhone 12.  

From October through the year-end for the holiday shopping season, Apple has also asked suppliers to prepare more than 20 million units of iPhone 11, iPhone SE, and iPhone XR handsets to fill the empty space on shelves.   

That is equivalent to more than a quarter of the orders placed this year for the new iPhone 12 series.

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