Apple Releases New Updates for its COVID-19 Screening Tool

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On Thursday, Apple Inc released a new update for its COVID-19 screening app. The new update contained new features including refreshed questions regarding test results and symptom severity.  

In March, Apple released this new COVID-19 screening tool of ioS users as a resource for the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Apple’s tool is a dedicated website that enables its users to diagnose symptoms quickly and immediately take action against the virus. 

Today’s update has bought new questions about the severity, symptom, and COVID-19 test results. The new questions offering its users more granularity in tracking the virus, thus providing more accurate advice such as when to visit a healthcare professional.   

Besides, the new update also includes unspecified performance improvements and bug fixes.  

The company last provided new updates for its screening tool in June with the ability to anonymously share submitted data with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other state public health agencies.   

At the time of release, the company said that they will be using data such as symptoms, age, and other to help health officials better understand the virus and to improve the app.  

In its last update, the company added self-care guidance and changes to COVID-19 symptom tracking.  

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While working on the screening app and accompanying website, the company worked with the Coronavirus Task Force, the CDC, and FEMA. The two major reasons behind the app are to help ease the burden of an overloaded U.S. healthcare system and to deliver information about the virus.  

This is Apple’s independent project and should be considered as the Apple-Google Exposure Notification system because they both are separate projects.  

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