Apple Planning AI-Powered Health Coaching Service – The Tech Giant’s Push to Become a Health-Conscious Brand

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Apple is reportedly working on an AI-powered health coaching service, codenamed Quartz. It’ll reportedly use AI and data from Apple devices to suggest healthcare solutions and create coaching programs for the user; says Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

In the same article, he also mentioned that a new emotion-tracking feature is in the works for Apple’s health app, which will be expanding to iPad, very soon.

Apple’s planned AI-powered health coaching service will likely be a monthly subscription and be available a year from now. However, the report does suggest that this may not be an accurate timeline.

The main reason why Apple is working on it is to motivate users to embrace a healthier lifestyle by exercising, improving dietary habits, and better sleep schedules.

It is also a part of the California-based tech giant’s effort to form a health-conscious image by introducing new health tech solutions.

Apple Planning AI-Powered Health Coaching ServiceApple to Launch a Series of New Health-Focused Features & Services in the Coming Months

The Apple health app is going to expand to the iPad, allowing users to benefit from the bigger screen to see ECG reports and other health data.

There are other features coming to the app as well. Among these, emotion-tracking, and vision management are headliners.

For tracking emotions, users can log their moods and answer certain questions about their day. They can compare results from those reports over time to manage their emotions better.

Additionally, the user’s iPhone will use algorithms to determine the user’s mood via speech and text they type.

There isn’t much information about vision management features, but it’ll reportedly help with vision conditions like nearsightedness.

In terms of hardware, Apple is announcing a new mixed-reality headset that will be used alongside the health app for meditation.

There’s also a journaling app that Apple plans to launch soon. But, it will most likely be separate from the healthcare features and services.

Apple’s Efforts in Improving Health Tech Solutions

Apple joined the health tech bandwagon in 2014 with the launch of its health app. But that’s not just it.

Apple has also been working on a blood-sugar monitoring solution for about a decade now. It’ll use sensors instead of pricks like the traditional blood-glucose checking devices do. Recent advancements have allowed Apple to make such a device. The only thing they need to worry about now is to somehow shrink that device down to the size of an iPhone.

As of now, there are already several mood-tracking apps like Daylio and Moodkit. Apple launching a similar feature for the health app won’t exactly be revolutionary. But, it’ll surely go a long way towards improving the Apple eco-system and making it more health-conscious.

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