Apple Adds New Features to HomePod Including Mini Intercom, Siri, and Much More

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On November 6, Apple’s HomePod mini is will be released soon, however, Apple is has decided to release a new update for the existing owners of the original HomePod. It will be delivering one of the most exciting HomePod mini-features: Intercom.  

On October 13, Apple released the new feature of the iPhone 12 series and HomePod mini together. Now, it’s making its way to the HomePod.

The new features of the intercom will offer a simple way to communicate with family members and friends. It will also allow users to send messages to different HomePods around the house. It will record a voice message and then automatically plays in on the designated HomePod.

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Besidesusers will also be able to send messages to Apple Watches, CarPlay, iPhonesiPads, and AirPods. It will make sure that the destined family member receives the message and also reply to it.  

This way, users don’t have to worry about screaming around their house to your family member.

If you are already amazed, wait for more! 

Alongside the intercom, the update will also bring you a range of new Siri features for the HomePod such as the option to stop alarms and timers, and other media features across devices.  

Users will now be able to set alarms using songs from Apple Music. Users will be able to ask HomePod’s Siri for a location and web search results. 

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