Alexa Can Now Detect Bleeping Appliances & Running Water

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Amazon announced a new feature that will allow users to program Alexa, at its fall event in September. Users will be able to program Alexa to recognize custom sounds. Now, the virtual assistant can recognize new sounds of water running and appliance beeping.  

Once users set up Alexa Routines, Alexa will detect sounds of water running or an appliance beeping send them notifications. Now, the devices powered by Alexa can recognize different sounds such as snoring, glass shattering, dogs barking, babies crying, and smoke alarms. 

Amazon revealed the latest sound detection capabilities in its November roundup 

Amazon is looking forward integrate Alexa into lives and they have promised support for custom sounds. According to the company, custom sounds will trigger smart home actions. 

Besides, the company also stated that it has made the Occupancy Routines feature available on Echo devices.

This feature sees if your home is occupied using Ultrasound Motion Detection and then performs certain actions. For example, turning the lights on when a motion is detected. 

For Amazon Pharmacy customers, you can now ask Alexa to refill your prescriptions by saying, “Alexa, refill my medications.” AI assistant will be able to track and provide you updates on medications delivery. 

Last month, Amazon added a Conversation Mode to its third-gen Echo Show 10 to allow you to have more natural conversations with Alexa. Alexa Conversation Mode is now available in the US. If you want to enable this feature, just say “Alexa, join the conversation.” 

Last but not least, the Echo Show 15, an Alexa-powered wall-mountable 15.6-inch smart display, is now up for pre-orders starting at $250. You can buy a compatible stand accessory that works in both landscape and portrait orientation.  

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