AirTags Leakers Suggests Apple’s Device is Coming in Two Different Sizes

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Recently, there have been some leaks of Apple’s AirTags, a Bluetooth tracking device, before its launch. According to tweets from cryptic-but-reliable leaker L0vetodream, it will be available in two different sizes.  

On their Twitter handle, they wrote that it has a typical enigmatic style. Today morning, the leaker first tweeted that a big one and a small one are coming soon. However, they withheld what they were referring to.   

An hour later, they followed up their previous tweet with a new tweet “tag TAG.” It was a reference to Apple’s upcoming Tile-like tracking pucks in two different sizes.  

While this is the first time, we’ve heard that ‌AirTags will be available‌ in more than one size. However, it is unclear what purpose the two different sizes would serve.  

Whatsoever, in the past, L0vetodream has always provided accurate clues to upcoming Apple products. These all-new tracking devices are for attaching them to different items such as keys and wallets for tracking purposes. You can use the Find My app to trach them.  

AirTags‌ are small and circular white tags with an Apple logo on the front based on images in an internal build of iOS 13. They will be multiple ways to use them with different items.  

Last month, Jon Prosser, shared renders that he says are based on the actual design of the AirPods. They featured a flat white disc with a silver backing with an Apple logo.   

He said that the ‌AirTags‌ are a “tad larger than a bottle cap.” 

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Rumors suggest that ‌AirTags‌ feature a replaceable battery, others suggest a rechargeable battery, which can potentially be charged on a MagSafe charger.  

Conflicting rumors suggest that Apple has been testing multiple ‌AirTags‌ prototypes.  

AirTags‌ are more accurate than an average Bluetooth because they take advantage of Ultra-wideband technology, which offers accurate indoor positioning.  

There now are all the details that we have, if you want to know more you have to wait for the launch which is rumored to be held on a third fall event on November 17. 

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