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Adthena Boosts Data-Driven Marketing with AI-Powered Ask Arlo

Leading marketing technology firm, Adthena has updated its AI tool, Ask Arlo. Adthena provides search intelligence services to enterprise brands. According to Yahoo Finance, the Adthena AI data analysis tool changes the way marketers interact with search data and gain insights.

Arlo is an AI-powered data analyst. The company designed this innovative conversational chatbot to help marketers respond to customer queries in real-time. 

Better Marketing Decisions 

Adthena first launched Version 1.0 of Ask Arlo in 2023. This version was designed to help users navigate the Adthena platform with ease. The new Version 2.0 of the tool comes with real-time generative AI. The tool can respond to complex marketing questions from users. It leverages search data to provide instant, highly customized responses to customers and generate reports within the platform. 

Adthena’s Chief Technical Officer, Paul Felby said, “Our real-time, conversational chatbot, Ask Arlo, is built using our own in-house technology that harnesses the latest generative AI. The tool helps customers to see through vast search data trends and identify immediate actions to gain ROI in Google Ads.” 

Marketers across board can leverage Adthena’s conversational AI data analysis tool to improve decision-making processes internally.

“This innovative tool represents a huge opportunity to unlock value for our customers at scale, enabling users at all levels to make data-driven decisions with unprecedented efficiency,” Felby added.

Fueling Marketing 

Ask Arlo powers marketing efforts by allowing users to ask anything about their marketing performance. They can do so using natural, simple language. Adthena AI data analysis tool also provides users with clear and actionable insights. The insights are customized to their marketing goals. 

The other aspect of Ask Arlo that fuels marketing efforts for businesses is data visualization. The tool leverages graphs and charts to visualize marketing campaigns. It also saves marketers time with its real-time data interpretation capabilities. This enables marketers to keep campaigns relevant. With Arlo, marketers don’t have to wait for hours to get reports. The tool provides users with instant insights. 

Unique Features 

Adthena’s Ask Arlo tool features cutting-edge technology to power marketing campaigns. A proprietary data set gives Ask Arlo a complete understanding of the competitive landscape. The tool is designed to respond to questions on complex topics like competitor performance and market share while providing market insights across the board. 

Adthena CEO, Phillip Thune said, “The search landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and many enterprise advertisers feel they’re operating in the dark with a lack of transparency from Google. Ask Arlo empowers users to unlock valuable performance and strategic insights directly within their search data – instantly. Alpha customers are raving about its ability to simplify complex data analysis and deliver actionable recommendations in seconds.”

Ask Adthena also comes with an intuitive interface to summarize data fast and give users concise answers. It enhances marketing efficiency by streamlining campaigns and allowing users to instantly troubleshoot issues and identify areas of improvement.

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