Adobe’s “Design Made Easy” Event Showcases How Leading Companies are Supercharging Design Across Teams
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AI-Powered Software Carries the Day at Adobe’s Design Made Easy Event

This week, Adobe hosted its legendary Adobe Design Made Easy event. The event attracted sales executives, global marketers, HR and communication professionals. Businesswire reported that Adobe showcased its creative software, Adobe Express. It also highlighted how the software is empowering teams to design content with ease.

Companies can do this while safeguarding their brands. Adobe Express is powered by Adobe Firefly genAI service. It’s a one-stop-shop AI content creation app that allows users to ideate. Users also use it to design and share videos, social media posts, flyers, logos, and other content formats fast and with ease.

New Features

Businesses need captivating visual content to stand out. These include social media posts and marketing assets. They also include emails, flyers, and presentations. Adobe Express is designed to place generative AI at the fingertips. During the Adobe design event, the company unveiled more Adobe Express features.

These included presentation and print features that allow users to design anything from anywhere with ease. Its AI-powered custom models, reference images, and bulk create and generate features are supercharging users. They are helping users to achieve more.

Adobe’s Digital Media Business President, David Wadhwani said, “The new Adobe Express is built for business, making it easy for anyone in an organization to design on-brand visual content that drives business outcomes. With Adobe’s responsible approach to AI, strong record of product innovation, and proven ability to deliver products that empower businesses of all sizes, Adobe Express offers an unparalleled combination of deep creative expertise and enterprise credentials business leaders and users can trust.”

Adobe Express also comes with Firefly Image 3 Model and locked templates’ capabilities. These features allow businesses to protect their brands. Adobe software also enhances collaboration between creative studio teams, business users, and agencies.

Real Use Cases

Marketing leaders from leading brands attended the Adobe event. These included IBM and Unilever. Nonprofits like Limbitless Solutions and 100 Cameras participated in the event. Teams from these brands shared their experiences with Adobe Express.

They showcased real use cases and product demos to bring their experiences to life. Social media teams are using the software to automate content quickly. Sales teams are using Adobe designs to customize shareable videos and pitches with ease. Regional marketers reported using Adobe software. They used it to repurpose content for different cultures, contexts, and languages.

IBM’S Senior VP of Marketing and Communication said, “Marketers are looking for trusted AI that seamlessly integrates into their work. Adobe Express for Enterprise is empowering marketers at IBM to create on-brand content aligned to business objectives that delivers compelling, personalized experiences to targeted audiences.”

High Adoption

Adobe said strong product innovation guided its software design during the Adobe Design Made Easy event. This innovation has attracted leading brands.

Unilever’s Global VP for Consumer Experience Technology, Aaron Rajan said, “Over the last year, we have been pioneering the use of AI technology like Adobe Firefly and Adobe Express with all our marketers worldwide, helping responsibly create and scale on-brand content for our 400 brands across 100+ marketers and 3.2 billion consumers who use our brands every day.”

Dentsu, the world’s biggest advertising agency network, empowered marketers to use Adobe Express. The company registered a 70% faster time to market as a result.

Adobe said its software resulted in a 96% increase in monthly active mobile users. The company also recorded an 86% increase in cumulative creations generated annually.

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