ADOBE Puts New AI-powered Tools Into Marketing Software To Reduce Data Exploitation

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On Monday, Adobe Inc said that it has added a new set of artificial intelligence-powered tools into its digital marketing software. By adding these tools, they are aiming to help companies sharpen their digital marketing campaigns.  

Till now the company was known for applications such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro. But now it is becoming the biggest provider of software for running campaigns where businesses can decide which content to show to their potential customers. Furthermore, there has been considerable growth in its marketing software division which has helped it send shares up to nearly 50% this year.  

The new AI features will aid the company’s efforts in different ways, for instance, it will help scan and label thousands of product images by color and shape. Let’s take another example, they will also use natural-language processing technology to read an article to determine its subject.  

This will simply mean that now the process will be easier for marketing campaigns to make a recommendation. This means it will be easier to show a person a pair of shoes similar to ones they have previously viewed while they browse an e-commerce site or a news website.  

Such AI technology had already existed for several years but its application generally requires corporate marketing departments to export data from their systems.  

The company has placed the new technologies directly inside the marketing systems to reduce the need to export data.  

When you’re thinking about the need to be agile and work in real-time, this is not a process that works very well,” said Ali Bohra, director of the strategy and product marketing for intelligence services at Adobe, in an interview.

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