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6sense Gong Partnership Empowers Sales Teams to Expedite Deal Closure

6Sense and Gong have announced the expansion of their partnership. The 6sense Gong partnership will see the two companies launch a new sales integration. The integration will improve predictive analytic abilities. It links Gong Engage with 6sense Revenue AI for sales.

Sales Tech Star News reported that the integrated solutions give sales professionals access to contact and buyer intelligence data. Sales teams need this data to speed up sales pipelines and close deals.

Unified Data

The 6sense and Gong partnership allows the two platforms to adopt a unified data approach. This approach enables the companies to streamline the sales process. It also improves operational efficiency across the entire cycle.

“The B2B selling environment is increasingly challenging, we need to give sellers the tools they need to reach new heights. Arming sales teams with intelligence right within their workflow accelerates their path to efficient revenue generation. Our partners at Gong share our goal to help sellers be more effective and predictable in their pursuit of winning more opportunities,” 6sense Chief Revenue Officer, Latané Conant said.

Gong Engage is a complete B2B sales engagement solution. It allows users to create, manage, and convert sales leads. Engage gives sales professionals a clear view of the history their company has had with each account.
This clarifies the context and makes it easier to personalize interactions. Engage uses AI to provide task recommendations based on customer interactions. Sales teams can use it to improve collaboration and improve efficiency.

Focus on Revenue Growth

The 6sense-Gong expanded partnership is focused on helping businesses to grow their sales revenue. The new integration involves embedding data and intent signals from 6sense with Gong Engage. This will provide centralized workflows for sales executives. It’ll also provide buyer insights to enable them to fast-track the selling process.

“Enterprise leaders are increasingly focused on three areas to speed up revenue growth: increasing seller productivity, improving revenue predictability, and driving efficient growth. Our expanded partnership with 6sense delivers on this by bolstering Gong Engage with powerful predictive analytics capabilities that help sellers generate pipelines and close more deals, faster,” Gong’s EVP Product Strategy and Ecosystem, Eran Aloni said.

Sales Intelligence

6sense Revenue AI for Sales™ offers advanced buyer insights. Gong Engage users will use these insights to identify high-value intent activities. They’ll use it to find contact information for key decision makers. The insights will enable them to personalize sales outreaches and reduce the average deal closure time.

6sense Revenue AI for Sales™ is a sales platform that’s designed to boost sales teams’ efficiency and effectiveness. Sales representatives use it to rank sales-ready accounts. They also use it to get buyer intelligence and contact data.

The platform utilizes AI to provide buyer activity insights. This enables sales teams to focus on the most promising leads. It also increases their productivity and improves sales outcomes.

Implementation of the 6sense Gong partnership has commenced. 6sense’s predictive analytics and advanced intent has been integrated with Gong Engage. Gong Engage customers are already improving workflow efficiency on the sales enablement platform.

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