Interview With James Murphy FRSA – Founder at Lotus Business Awards

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James Murphy FRSA.

In today’s interview, we had the opportunity to speak with James Murphy FRSA – Founder at Lotus Business Awards. He is also an editor in Chief at Future of Earth.

James is an excellent service provider. He delivers outstanding results through his ability to understand and get behind the client’s needs whilst maintaining an extremely high level of customer focus. James always managed to keep his colleagues upbeat and determined to succeed.

1. Tell us about your Role and Journey. What inspired you to take up the Role at Future of Earth?

We acquired Future of Earth about 3 years ago when it was known as Marginalia the Future of Work, as we wanted an online magazine to be part of The Responsible Partnership. We saw it as a great opportunity to get our message of sustainability out there. We then we’re very fortunate to bring on board Dr. Debashish Sengupta as our Asia Editor who has significantly increased our readership but more importantly has told some fantastic stories from around the world.

2. What Are Some of The Challenges For You When It Comes To Growing the revenue?

The Responsible Partnership is a social enterprise, In essence, we are a business that to be the change we want to see in the world. Like traditional businesses, we aim to make a profit but our main aim is to drive positive change, currently, we are focused on reducing poverty and driving awareness about climate change. When we make a profit we either reinvest or donate them to charities we work with.

3. Please Share an Experience of your Journey As a Speaker?

I have always spoken at events, I started talking about employee engagement but in the summer of 2019, I traveled to Minneapolis to be trained as a Climate Reality Leader by Vice President Al Gore. As part of the Climate Reality Project, I deliver Al Gore’s slides to businesses across the UK talking about the climate crisis and its solutions.

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4. What kind of Corporate Sustainability Approach you have Taken which led to the Outstanding Result.

So everything we do is built around social impact, I think what I was most proud of was rather than employing a celebrity to present the local awards we invited The Big Issue vendors to present the awards. For those of you that haven’t heard of The Big Issue, it is an excellent magazine sold by homeless or vulnerably housed individuals.

5. Would you like to tell your Unique Skill which you have as an Experienced Leader, Speaker & Competent in Social Media & IT?

I would say it is a general mindset when it comes to business. It isn’t about the money, pursue your passions, don’t be afraid to think big, be ready to take risks, and have fun

6. What Next for you?

We want to kick start the local revolution business revolution where people have pride in their local communities, building thriving local economies, ending poverty, and creating sustainable futures. So we have created The Local Business Awards to celebrate the best local businesses in the UK.

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