Companies with Happy Sales Teams Experience Better Business Outcomes

“The surprising link between sales team happiness, performance, and technology A total of 81% of executives who rated their sales team as happily reported increases in annual sales, finds Freshworks commissioned Harvard Business Review Analytic Services research. That compares to just 59% of leaders with less happy teams that reported similar results. Not just annual sales, when compared to less happy teams, happier sales teams displayed increases in:

a. Percent of sales team hitting quota (29% higher)

b. Customer satisfaction (25% higher)

c. Productivity (21% higher)

The report suggests that sales tech, such as a CRM system, plays a crucial role in a team’s happiness. Indeed, 7 in 10 participants agree that poor sales tech can negatively impact salespeople’s happiness.

This e-book will give you detailed insights on how sales technology can hurt or help promote team’s happiness with actionable takeaways for sales leaders and their teams.”


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