The Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics and Analytics _PAI_

How marketing metrics and analytics can benefit you?

The role of marketing is constantly evolving, and more than ever, marketing has to prove its impact on the success of the business. With increasing pressure, marketers must take control over the revenue process with insight into marketing’s impact on revenue. Marketing is the key to the customer acquisition kingdom, and metrics are critical to that success. Building analytics into your marketing strategy empowers your marketing and sales teams by providing the ability to measure the impact of each marketing investment.

Data enables marketers to confidently identify which parts of the marketing efforts deliver the optimal return on investment (ROI), including the performance of channels, specific calls-to-action (CTAs), and individual pieces of content, such as blog posts or gated resource guides. With the right marketing analytics, you can accurately forecast results and measure the progress of each marketing activity against defined milestones.

You’ll be able to optimize your marketing in real-time, accurately plan out your future marketing long-term, and overall, frame, justify, grow, and defend all your marketing activities and budgets What’s in the guide?

Establishing a culture of accountability Planning programs with ROI in mind Creating a framework for measurement Embracing revenue analytics Marketing performance measurement Mastering the art of forecasting Building dashboards to inform decisions Implementation across teams, tactics, and technologies Ready to start using the power of hard data and insights to show the value of your marketing efforts?

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