Digital Innovation Imperatives For Successful Business Transformation

Introducing The 3 Pillars For Success

Senior executives consider the way apps are delivered and augmenting digital capabilities strategic business objectives in supporting business change, operational resiliency, and digital response. An organization’s ability to rapidly innovate digital products and services is clearly recognized as a core competency requirement. This 4-webinar series will explore how organizations are planning, implementing, and bringing these 3 core capabilities together. And how Red Hat, in collaboration with Intel, supports this strategy the open source way.

First, we’ll cover the Europe Middle East, and Africa IDC findings and recommendations with the overarching imperatives for Business Transformation and then, you’ll learn more in detail about the 3 core pillars underlying digital innovation success and readiness, including the topics covered in the last 3 webinars. Register to the first one of the series! We hope you will enjoy it.


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