Creating Engagement in a Diverse Workforce

This paper covers how implementing a human capital management solution automates, streamlines, and improves people-centric processes to drive employee engagement. And when combined with a positive culture and strong leadership, it helps create a culture that can lead to increased productivity and retention as well as an improved bottom line.

Employee Engagement is being challenged by the increasing diversity of today’s workforce. From aspiring Millennials to aging Baby Boomers — working in a complex mix of full-time, part-time, contingent, temporary, and contract roles — the 21st-century workforce is more diverse than ever, challenging organizations to build and support a corporate culture that fosters employee engagement and drives the employment brand. Despite the differences inherent in today’s diverse workforce, all employees want to be on a focused path to clear goals and part of a winning team.

Successful organizations can therefore no longer view employee engagement as an added bonus — it’s a must-have for attracting and retaining top talent, particularly for businesses in tight labor markets. What are some of the tools available to help you engage and manage this diverse workforce? Download this paper to find out how HCM technology tools can play a role in engagement strategies across every phase of the employee lifecycle.

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