Five Ways Covid-19 Will Change The Future Of Work

How much has the world of work changed as we embraced social distancing and found our own version of “shelter at home?” The most popular hot take goes something like this: “It’s all going to change! Once people have worked from home for this long, they’re never coming back to the office!” Of course, great HR pros know the truth always lies somewhere in the middle. If I could short the stock of every expert who has made the above proclamation in the COVID-19 lockdown era, I would.

That being said, the world of work for white-collar professionals IS likely to change based on what we’ve learned. But offices aren’t going away. Your company’s approach to what work is and how it gets done is simply going to evolve. In many industries, the trend has long been leaning towards more remote work for professional-grade team members. While some companies have taken the full plunge, many have barely dipped a toe in the true “remote workforce” organizational design.


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