Infographic: How Tomorrow’s Workplace Can Solve for Today’s Workforce Crisis

Worried about your employee experience? Struggling to maintain your company culture through COVID and a fully remote workforce? You’re not alone. In fact, our research indicates that we’re in the midst of a true workforce crisis across industries, largely because we no longer have access to physical offices and workplaces. To define those shifts — and map out a solution — we compiled industry-leading research from the Leesman Index, Harvard Business Review, Gensler, Global Workplace Analytics, and more. Dozens of data points demonstrate: Why remote work en-masse is unsustainable. From higher turnover to lower productivity — and in particular, historically low employee engagement — companies are feeling the pinch of operating without a physical workplace to ground their culture and their workflows. How the concept of the workplace has changed. An end to quarantine won’t mean an end to change. Employee expectations and work patterns have shifted dramatically. Why workplace strategy is the key to re-engagement. That includes thoughtful design and proactive planning to ensure you’re setting your company up for success with a workplace that inspires your employees.


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