Top 11 Facebook Video Downloader Tools in 2021

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From blockbuster beginnings to tumultuous present, Facebook has become a staple of many college dorms and board rooms worldwide. Facebook is a behemoth amongst other social media platforms with a user base of over 2.45 billion from different parts of the world.  

Once a platform to connect with friends and socialize, Facebook has evolved to favor different personal and commercial purposes. Among its many abilities, its ability to share and consume content had made it a great hit.  

In fact, after the video streaming platform, YouTube, Facebook is the biggest platform for content creation and consumption. You can find everything from memes to music to videos can be found here.   

Alas! the platform still does not allow its users to download these videos.  

Fortunately, there are many Facebook video downloaders out there offering what Facebook fails to do so.  

In this article, we will be looking at tools to help you save Facebook videos. We will give you brief information about the features that they offer and if you should go for the service or not.  

Best Facebook Video Downloader:  

Here is the detailed list of some of the best Facebook Video Downloader: 

1) SnapDownloader  

SnapDownloader Price: Free trial + $19.99 for full version  


SnapDownloader is one of the best Facebook video downloaders out there in the market. The downloader has a very high download speed and can load videos up to 8K.

Its best feature is a simple and user-friendly interface that allows you to download Facebook videos with ease.  

Moreover, it offers a built-in video cutter and the capability to convert videos to a range of output formats such as MP4, MP3, M4A, AAC, AVI, and more. Besides, the downloaders also give you the ability to download videos from more than 900 other websites including YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and others.   


  • Download from more than 900 social media websites    
  • Supports Windows and macOS.  
  • Fast download speed.  
  • In-built video cutter.  
  • Regular updates.   
  • Convert to MP4, MP3, and other formats.  

Best for Downloading videos in up to 8K quality at high speed in different formats.  

Verdict: If you’re looking for a reliable Facebook video downloader to save any video, then this app is for you.   

2) By Click Downloader  

By Click Downloader 

Price: Free version and premium version for $19.99.  


By Click Downloader downloads both audio & video from several sites including Facebook. the app allows you to download HD & 4K quality videos and choose the format & quality while downloading.  

The user-friendly interface of the app will also enable you to track the downloads. Furthermore, the downloader will also enable you to download the subtitles as well as the entire channel from YouTube.


  • It can download long videos  
  • It has abilities to download private Facebook videos.   
  • It can download multiple videos at the same time.  
  • It provides a special feature of downloading videos or mp3 directly from the browser.  

Best for Downloading HD, 4K quality videos, and private Facebook videos.   

Verdict: By Click Downloader provides a one-click download mode and supports downloading audio or video directly from the browser.  

3) Leawo Video Downloader  

Leawo Video Downloader  

Price: Leawo video downloader offers two licensing options, a 1-year license for single-user which costs $29.95, and a lifetime license for single-user ($39.95), along with a free trial.  


Leawo Video Downloader is easy to use and efficient video downloading tool for downloading 720P/1080P videos. It also offers you the option to download videos from more than 1000 websites including Facebook.  

You can even download live videos with its online live video downloader from live streaming platforms such as Facebook Live and Instagram Live. Besides, the tool offers two ways of downloading videos, live video M3U8 link or direct live video URL downloading.  


  • It provides precise video information before downloading   
  • It has a built-in video player to play videos  
  • It has smart download settings.  
  • It gives you 6X faster online video downloading through hardware acceleration technologies and advanced video loading  

Best for downloading live stream videos 6X faster from more than 1000 sites.  

Verdict: Leawo Video Downloader is a feature-rich platform for downloading videos 6X faster from more than 1000 sites. It offers 720P/1080P downloading qualities and smart settings for a better user experience.  


Price: Free is one of those basic downloading tools. The downloader allows you to download videos up to 4k in resolution and offers a great option to convert a video into an MP3 audio file.   

The tool offers phenomenal ease by only requiring users to copy the link of a Facebook video and paste it into the text box. After that just choose the resolution, output format, and click download.   

You now have your video for offline viewing and sharing.  


  • Easy to use  
  • Constant update  
  • 4k enabled download  
  • Chrome browser extension  
  • Video to audio conversion  

Best for Facebook video download up to 4k quality with an easy-to-use user interface.   

Verdict: Apart from being easy-to-use, is constantly updating itself to provide a great experience to its users. Moreover, the tool is free to use makes which makes it the best FB video downloaders out there.  

5) Freemake Video Downloader  

Freemake Video Downloader 

Price: Free  

WebsiteFreemake Video Downloader   

Freemake is another oldest and powerful video downloading tool. The video downloader enjoys wide popularity. Similar to the above video downloaders, the tool also allows download videos from an array of platforms including Facebook.  

The best part, the tool offers unmatched download speed and allows video downloading in multiple formats. The process is also fairly simple. Just copy and paste the video URL from Facebook to the downloader’s text box, choose format, and click download.  


  • Fast and easy to use  
  • Choose multiple format outputs  
  • Impervious to Adware  
  • Supports download all video downloading platforms.  

Best for free video downloading across social media platforms for Androids and Windows.   

Verdict: Freemake has been around for quite some time and has become a widely used free video downloading tool for a long time. Moreover, the app has garnered a loyal fan base for fast and easy downloading.  

6) GetfVid  


Price: Free  


GetfVid is a Facebook video downloader that works across multiple devices. It allows you to download mp4 and mp3 files from Facebook and follows the easy formula of copy-pasting the desired URL.  

Apart from this, the tool is very comprehensive and user-friendly. The tool also allows you to download Facebook live videos and GIFs. The tool is constantly updated by its developers to add new features to improve its performance.  


  • Download mp3 and mp4 files from Facebook  
  • Facebook video to audio conversion  
  • Fast and easy to use  
  • Can download live FB videos  

Best for downloading and converting FB videos.   

Verdict: GetfVid performs as an easy-to-use tool with a very simple interface. It helps you download desired Facebook videos or files and keeps up with the changing nature of Facebook.  


Price: Free is a basic Facebook video downloader as it doesn’t do anything more. this is best for people who want to do nothing more to do than download a video. The tool allows you to download a Facebook video in mp4 and mp3 format as per audio requirements.  

The steps are also very simple. You can just copy the URL of the video you want to be downloaded and paste it into the site, then click download.  


  • Mp4 and mp3 download  
  • Video to audio conversion  
  • Fast and easy to use  
  • Works across all smartphone and computer devices  

Best for free Facebook videos download.   

Verdict: Fbdownloader is a great tool for those who only seek a simple video downloader. This tool has no option for anyone seeking more.  

8) YTD Video Downloader  

YTD Video Downloader 

Price: Free  

WebsiteYTD Video Downloader  

YTD Video Downloader is a good tool as it offers robust downloading and has a lot more features than any other video downloader. The tool also works well across multiple popular social media platforms including TikTok, YouTube, Vimeo, and of course Facebook.  

It can download any video on Facebook in resolutions that can go up to 1080p. It is also famous for video to audio conversion. The best part, the tool has no limits or restrictions as to what number of videos you can download. Plus, the downloading speed is super-fast and you can even download an entire playlist in no time.  


  • Helps with video to audio conversion  
  • Support High-Definition video download   
  • Download full playlists from content sites  
  • Ultra-fast download  

Best for High-Definition video downloading.  

Verdict: YTD Video Downloader is an ace when it comes to video downloading as it can perform multiple video processing tasks. The tool offers ultra-fast speeds with no compromise in video quality to satisfy your downloading purposes.  

9) Facebook Video Downloader  

Facebook Video Downloader  

Price: Free  

Website: Facebook Video Downloader  

Facebook Video Downloader is now available in a new, cleaner avatar. The tool is a simple way to capture and download mp4 and high-definition videos from Facebook. The tool is available on the Chrome extension format which makes it easy to download videos directly from the Facebook site.  

The tool also gives you an option to copy the URL of any video and paste it into the text box on its home page. The tool provides fast video downloads. 


  • High Definition and mp4 video download  
  • 2 step process to download  
  • Easy to use  
  • Fast and ad-free  

Best for direct video extraction from Facebook.   

Verdict: Facebook Video Downloader is simple and great for temporary downloads now and then. However, its lack of features can be underwhelming for some users.  

10) 4K video Downloader  

  4K video Downloader - source gogle

Price: Free, Personal $15, Pro $45, 4k bundle $25  

Website4k Video Downloader 

4K video downloader is a premium video downloader that offers robust features for users to fiddle with their videos. Here, you can download videos ranging from 4k in quality to 360 degrees in nature in multiple output formats.  

Not only the downloader works phenomenally with Facebook but also is a great tool for video downloading from other social platforms. Apart from this, the tool is great for video editing, conversion, and subtitle extraction.  


  • 4K, 360-degree video download  
  • Support multiple output format  
  • Smart mode for preset settings  
  • Extract subtitles from video  

Best for smart 4k video downloading, editing, conversion, subtitle extraction, and processing.   

Verdict: 4k video downloader has everything you will ever need. The tool is extremely intuitive and therefore definitely worth having.  

11) QDownloader  

QDownloader  - source Google

Price: Free  

Website: QDownloader   

QDownloader is a go-to video downloading tool for any social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. The tool works great across different devices and follows a simple process to download videos.  

You can download any video in any resolution without any restrictions as to the number of downloads. The tool is extremely user-friendly and does not annoy its users with pointless ads or registration requests.  


  • Download HD, 720p, and SD videos  
  • No ads or registration  
  • Download full playlists from YouTube  
  • The download across multiple content platforms  
  • Unlimited download  
  • Safe and secure  

Best for social media video downloaders with unnecessary ads.   

Verdict: QDownloader is for those who seek a user-friendly tool and a simple package. Plus, the best part is that it offers all these features for free which makes it all the more desirable.  


Started as an online social platform to connect with your friends and family, Facebook has now evolved into a giant in the content sharing industry. And, there are a variety of reasons why one would want to download videos from Facebook.  

Facebook video downloaders can help you download videos from commercial to commentary for an array of reasons.  

We hope that this blog gave you all the information and you can choose a video downloader free that suits your needs.   

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