Top 10 Robotics Startups to Look Out for in 2021 

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Without a doubt, today’s tech-driven innovations depict that change is futile and change is inevitable. The emergence of artificial intelligence and its derivatives like machine learning and robotics have changed the way humans interact with technology.

With the current advances, robotics is growing at a rapid pace and many industries are reaping the benefits. The ability of automated robots to take down identity fraud instances has made them increasingly popular among online businesses.  

With the Robotics industry aiming to generate a revenue of $210 by 2025, it is not only influencing the corporate sector but is also enabling a safe and secure experience for online consumers. Let’s have a look at the top 10 robotics startups making their way into the market in 2021.  

1. Diligent Robotics 

This robotics startup based in Texas set out its journey in 2019. It aims at developing intelligent robot assistants to help human workers carry out their tasks more efficiently.

Diligent Robotics’ Moxi – a socially intelligent robot – is a healthcare innovation that enables clinical staff to focus on patient care while taking care of tasks like gathering patient supplies, delivering medications, and delivering lab reports and samples.

In 2019 after its advent, the robotic startup raised nearly 10 million USD that helped them reach more customers as well as elevate its product development strategy.  

2. Magazino GmbH 

Magazino is a startup from Germany that creates mobile-driven robots that assists enterprise in warehouse logistics. The robots work on perception-based principles to bring efficiency and convenience to supply chain operations. 

GmBH robots are programmed to navigate through spaces not easily reachable by humans. The robotics startups develop mobile software that uses computer vision techniques to allow manual staff to carry out automated tasks and strategic decisions.  

3. Brain Corp  

The enthusiastic team at this robotics startup builds AI-based software for using Autonomous Mobile Robots. Brain Corp is a robotic startup based in San Diego that creates purpose-built technology for transforming the robotics industry.

Started in 2009, the company produces high-end software that supports autonomous robots for industrial and enterprise use with a wide array of applications.  

4. Robust.AI 

The Californian Robotics Startups, Robust.AI, emphasizes “common sense AI” which they call a method to make robot software development effortless. This team of individuals aims at automating day-to-day tasks by communicating with humans on the most initiative level.

Robust.AI has also developed an intelligent engine based on cognitive abilities used by robots to help the healthcare and retail sector. The robotics startup managed to bag 15 million USD in the Series A round of venture capital investment increasing it to 22 million USD eventually.  


5. Simbe Robotics 

Simbe Robotics is another startup based in California that develops automated solutions for inventories and shelf auditing. Their products have applications in automating repetitive and tedious tasks that help out the retail execution for manufacturers and service providers.

Tally – the autonomous robot – by Simbe Robotics is an all-in-one inventory solution that can enable store teams to focus on important tasks rather than finding problems. Items that are either out of stock or are low-stock, errors in pricing, and detecting misplaced items is what Tally has to offer.   

6. Arche Robotics 

This Boston-based robotics startup set off with the purpose of creating purpose-built robots for the industry and consumer sector. The team focuses on designing, developing, and deploying cost-effective robots in a wide array of domains such as healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, food, and logistics.

Considering the domains in which they offer services, the goal is to build a strong robotics platform with a good market strategy. Apart from that, ArcheRobotics has also teamed up with one of the best experts in tech and industry to help them deploy their solutions.   

7. Voliro 

The Swiss robotic startup, Voliro, excels in developing state-of-the-art UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) that have the ability to perform arduous industrial tasks.

The company creates airborne robots such as the Voliro T  that can work with different NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) sensors depending on the setting and ecosystem.

These robots can also perform Ultrasonic Testing that helps industries carrying out risk-induced tasks with accuracy and confidence.   

8. Akara Robotics 

This Irish Robotics Startups provides automated healthcare facility services. The company operating in Dublin started its journey from the robotics lab in TCD (Trinity College Dublin). Their robots bring speed and efficiency to facility management by offering quick and reliable germ-killing techniques.

Their product called Violet is an AI-powered robot that has an intelligent disinfectant system installed in it. The skilled staff at hospitals are using Violet to maintain cleanliness throughout patient rooms and offering better services. Moreover, microbiologists at TCD have paired with Akara in their mission to build state-of-the-art healthcare assistive robots.        

9. Saildrone 

This US-based robotics company builds robots called Saildrones that are used to collect and manage ocean-related data above or below the sea surface. These robot drones use enhanced AI to work on maritime data using intelligent models for surveillance and other security-related purposes.

Empowered by high-end navigation technology using machine learning, the Saildrones can acquire data from as much as 7000 m depth. Moreover, these robots are solar-powered which means that they are cost-effective as well.   

10. Augmentus 

Augmentus is a Singaporean robotics platform that develops intelligent robotic software for industrial purposes. The company builds programming solutions that can be easily integrated with industrial bots without any code.

This helps businesses save the cost and effort of conducting robot training for their employees, and they can develop and deploy them without any pre-hand robotic experience.

With the solutions Augmentus provides, companies have experienced a 70% reduction in costs as well as 17 times faster deployment rate. The robots perform a variety of tasks including palletizing, welding, inspection, and spraying, etc. 


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