10 Best Humanoid Robots of 2021


We all interact with AI every day and most of us know this technology as maybe some mechanical parts moving around or machine giving pre-fed replies.   

Though series like the Westworld have tried to show us the most advanced version of the same, we are far from believing that any of that will come true at least in our lifetime.   

In short, when we think of AI-powered robots, we think of something futuristic and not for today. However, seldom do we investigate the feats AI has reached, what exactly is happening in robotics, and what are different kinds of robots have already been invented.   

Is that too much research for you?  

Well, don’t worry because that’s what we are here for!  

In this blog, we are going to let you through the hot topic in the world of robotics: Humanoid robots.   

The first thing you can assume by its name is that these robots are built to resemble the human form. The second thing, well there is no second or third thing. You have all the information that you need to dive into the world of Humanoids.  

So, without wasting important seconds, let’s go!   

What are Humanoid Robots?  

Let’s understand this a little better, shall we?  

As you already know by now, humanoid robots are robots invented to look quite similar to humans or to resemble the human body.   

Hence, in most of the models, you will find human-like heads, torso, arms, and legs. You will even find some with eyes, face, and maybe a mouth too.   

However, we can’t make the above factors generalized standard as some models of humanoid robots may only have a single part of the body. How similar a humanoid looks to a human ultimately depends on its purpose and functionality.   

So far, so good?  

Now, let’s hop to our specially compiled list of the most popular and functional Humanoid Robots. Hopefully, reading about these humanoids will give you a glimpse into the world of AI in robotics and how far we have come, and how far we have to go.  

Hey and just to be on the same page, this is not an exhaustive list. You will find hundreds if not thousands being exhibited and developed worldwide.   

What are the Best Humanoid Robots of 2021?   

To make it a little easier to understand, we have classified humanoid robots into two categories. Androids that are male humanoid robots and the female that are termed gynoids.  

  • Sophia   

Sophia Humanoid Robot

Very first on our list is Sofia, developed by Hanson Robotics, a HongKong based company. She is a sophisticated humanoid robot with the ability to see, sustain contact, follow faces, and identify individuals.   

Sophia was turned on, not born, in February 2016, just a month after she was presented to the world. Soon after, as she became the world’s first robot citizen and even featured on Jimmy Falon show.    

Sophia, the social humanoid, using a natural language subsystem to have conversations. According to its creators, she can be extremely helpful in healthcare and customer service.   

While Sophia is considered the most “human-like” robot, she is still far from being an idea. But, her physical attributes and the ability to have human-like expressions do gives us a glimpse of how the future might look like.   

  • Little Sophia   

Little Sophia  


With so much popularity, Sophia was unable to meet and greet her fans around the world. And guess what? Some of those fans wanted her for themselves too.   

So, we have the little Sophia now. Yes! She is her younger sister,   

Developed by the developers of Sofia, Little Sofia is a humanoid and is expected to be available for pre-order now.   

She is 14” tall and makes learning STEM, Artificial Intelligence, and coding easy. She is a great companion for kids older than 8 years.   

She is a child that can talk, walk, and tell jokes. She provides a safe learning experience with robots.   

  • Atlas  

Atlas humanoid robotfacepunch

Atlas, termed as “the world’s most dynamic humanoid,” was created to assist humans in dangerous tasks such as search and rescue missions.   

Developed by American robotics company Boston Dynamics, it was funded by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).   

Atlas was introduced in 2013, however, its actual capabilities came to light in 2017. The humanoid robot is 1.8-meter (6 ft) tall and performs amazing backflips. In the years after, the robot has undergone several changes and updates.   

In a video released on September 24, 2019, Atlas was seen performing a floor routine similar to gymnasts.   

  • TALOS   

TALOS Humanoid robot


Launched in 2017, TALOS is a bipedal humanoid robot developed by PAL Robotics. The humanoid robot was created keeping in mind the heavy industry load, it can incur the load of 6 kgs with each arm fully extended.   

No wonder everyone is calling it the future of the factories!   

Apart from this, it is fully customizable and also found applications in, rescue, IoT, space exploration, and many other fields.   

  • Robotic Avatar   

Robotic Avatar   


T-HR3 is a humanoid robot that can copy the movements of its operators. Although the humanoid was introduced in 2017 by Toyota, it was later updated for the Tokyo Olympics.   

The latest model features better controls and more natural interactions as it was designed with a vision to help during remotely controlled surgeries. The functionality of the humanoid suggests that it can also be used as a caretaker and for other similar roles.   

  • Kime   

Kime humanoid robot


Kime is a humanoid robot bartender, developed by Macco Robotics based in Seville, Spain. It is designed to serve food and beverages and can serve a glass of beer in 23 seconds.  

The humanoid is about 2 sq m and has a head, arms, and a torso which it uses to pour drinks. Furthermore, it can align the glass at right angles for properly pouring the beer and does it quite fast to serve approximately 300 glasses per hour. 

Nextage  humanoid robot


Nextage, is the most humanoid robot, it is designed to perform maintenance tasks by collaborating with human peers. Developed by Kawada Robotics, the humanoid is a research platform for industrial robots for Industry 4.0.   

  • Nadine Social Robot   

Nadine Social Robottwitter

Nadine, developed by Kokoro, in 2013, is a gynoid. She has a human form including skin, hair, and hands similar to humans.   

Nadine can perform several functions such as to simulate emotions, interact with arm movements, answer questions in multiple languages, and recognize individuals.   

  • Han  

Han  humanoid robot


Activated in 2015, Han is an expressive humanoid robot that made its debut at the Global Sources Electronics Fair in Hong Kong.  

With their primary focus to serve, this hyper-realistic humanoid is developed by Hanson Robotics. Its purpose is to help people find contentment.   

The robot utilizes voice recognition technology and multiple cameras to observe the environment and converse with them. The humanoid can display facial expressions with his face which is covered by frubber, a strong flesh-like rubber.  

  • Surena IV  

Surena IV robot


Surena IV is a fourth-gen humanoid in a series of Iranian humanoid robots, which was unveiled in December 2019.   

The humanoid has is 1.7 meters tall with a mass of 68 kilograms. It is an adult size robot, capable of performing upper and lower body movements, and interact with the host.   

She is capable of object and face detection, moves on rough surfaces follow object and face, and write and performs some exhibitive actions as well.   

The humanoid robot has advanced features, offers better performance, and reliability when compared to the previous three models in the series.    


All the above humanoid robots are still in the development stage but they are just a peek of the future. Future carries much more potential in a much larger sense.   

I hope you find this blog helpful. Don’t forget to share your feedback or ask questions in the comment section below.   

Also, Do read the FAQs below as they will give you answers to some of the Controversial Questions.   

What is a Humanoid Robot Called?

The humanoid robots are called Androids, that to resemble a male human form, and Gynoids, which resemble a human female form.

Who is the First Humanoid Robot?

Herbert Televox is the first humanoid robot that was developed by Ron Wensley in 1927.

Who Developed the First Humanoid Robot?

Ron Wensley developed the first humanoid robot Herbert Televox.

Is it an Example of a Humanoid Robot?

Sophia, developed by Hanson Robotics, is an example of a humanoid robot.

What is the Function of a Humanoid Robot?

Functions of humanoid robots are not limited to as they are professionally designed to serve in different fields to provide value by automating tasks in a cost-savings and productive way.

When Will Humanoid Robots Be Available?

There are many humanoid robots available for sale but they are way too expensive for common people like you and me.

What is Sophia Robot Used for?

Sophia is designed to help us with education, research, entertainment, and other services.

How much is Sophia the Robot?

While Sophia is not available for sale, but you can pre-order her younger sister Little Sophia here. She can cost you anywhere between $99 and $149.

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