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Top 10 Best Chrome Security Extensions For Browser


Google Chrome has become one of the most used internet browsers. It has a simple, clean, and responsive layout to provide a secure and safe browsing experience. Despite the company’s great work in building a safe and secure browser, there are many ways to make it more secure and avoid falling prey to attackers.

The constantly changing technology has opened up doors to new and emerging threats online. There are many Security Extensions For Chrome available on the chrome web store by adding an extra layer of security protection.

List of Top 10 Best Chrome Security Extensions

1. XQ Secure Gmail

There are several instances where emails contain sensitive material such as confidential business files and other such documents. Hence, email security should be a priority for both individuals and businesses.

Despite being encrypted there are many instances there is still a chance that Google might be able to understand the context of the message. This emphasized the need for additional security for emails or G-mails.

To avoid this users can simply encrypt their email with a password before sending it. Once the recipient receives the mail, they can use that same password to decrypt and open the message. However, before using this, users should remember that the receivers of this encrypted message must have the same browser security extensions.

There is a workaround for this and that is by using the free email clients for windows, It brings all of your emails into a single interface, but with the right organization. You can easily receive, compose and send e-mails with configured addresses.

2. TeamPassword

Companies and businesses have several types of employees working for them. Some work based on projects while some are permanent. However, in every case, during working periods of employees, a company wants them to be able to access their several tools, services, and applications.

Accessing this information usually requires logins and passwords to keep business information secure. Once the employee leaves a project, the company or businesses simply don’t want them to have access to the information anymore.

This may be due to security reasons or others. TeamPassword can help them quickly remove access to such users in one simple step. Additionally, it can also help by generating strong passwords that can be shared across a team.

Moreover, the addition of employees into the system can be completed in just two steps. TeamPassword manager offers a free trial to let businesses explore the benefits of online security and privacy.

3. Ghostery

People can find their online activity being tracked at any given point. Such attackers can slow down browsing and potentially invade a user’s privacy. Ghostery can help users see if anyone is tracking them. Additionally, it also gives them the ability to either block or unblock them.

It also helps users see who is tracking websites. Users can disable trackers which can help them to avoid letting trackers know that you were there. Users can also block trackers of a specific category in the settings which can be found in the add-on such as social media, analytics, or advertisements.

4. Windows Defender

Windows Defender extension for Chrome provides real-time protection from phishing, malicious websites, and other suspicious activities. Microsoft can help users avoid falling victim to those phishing links.

These links automatically start unwanted downloading to a device without approval when clicked on. These downloads can sometimes be extremely harmful software and have the potential to damage your computer. They can sometimes also uncover stored sensitive information.

Once a user clicks on any unsecured external link, the defender will lead the user to a red screen of warning. The screen will tell them if the site is known to be harmful. At this point, the defender has scanned the site. In case it finds a match the user will get the notification.

The red warning screen will give the user an option to return to a previous screen. Windows Defender is among the most useful add-ons which can help users protect themselves from falling victim to malware.

5. AdBlocker Ultimate

Advertisements are everywhere and most of them are flashy. These advertisements can temp and drawn people to click on the pops on screen. But, more often than not such ads are dangerous as they might be hiding malware that instantly starts downloading. The content which is downloaded can be dangerous software for computers.

AdBlocker Ultimate can help users reduce the risk considerably. AdBlocker Ultimate does not consider any advertisements to be white-listed or acceptable, unlike many other ad-blocking extensions. This means that there won’t be any slip through the program because someone thinks it’s okay. This extension is free to add. This will also boost the browser experience as there won’t be anything slowing down because there are no more ads.

Lastly, this amazing software also gives users an option to turn advertisements for specific sites. The overall secure browsing experience is improved.

6. Avast Online Antivirus Chrome Extension

Avast Online Security is one of the best antivirus chrome security extensions. It warns users if they are visiting a fake or if the URL is legitimate. There are times when users enter the wrong domain name by misspelling something.

While Google Chrome fails to realize this mistake and takes users to another site that matches the domain name they entered. This Security Extensions For Chrome can and will auto-correct such mistakes. This means that you can avoid accidentally landing on the wrong website.

Today, every site uses some kind of analytics to track cookies that follow the user’s activity. This chrome extension prevents that by running on a community rating system that informs it of sites that other users find dangerous. It also offers the Avast password chrome extension.

7. SiteJabber

SiteJabber is a trusted Chrome security extension and the largest community-based extension. It takes advantage of the user’s reviewed websites for safety and authenticity. While browsing or surfing a web page users will be able to see others’ opinions about the site they are considering checking out.

It displays a small red, green, or yellow icon, which helps users quickly determine where it falls on the rating list. Factors that are usually considered during the process of rating include the site’s safety or whether or not it can be trusted, or if it floods computers with malware, or phishing links.

The icon lets users see a display that includes a summary of the site. Users can find more detailed reviews or even leave a review if they click on it. It even offers an option that lets users ask questions to members of the SiteJabber community and allows them for specific inquiries about any site.

8. Click&Clean

Due to some emergency such as a breach of security, sometimes users are required to completely erase all of their saved passwords, download history, and cache form data. This can be a very lengthy process. Click&Clean Chrome security extension allows them to wipe out everything with just one click.

Users can open the icon on the toolbar which will give an option to delete everything including individual items. This can be one way to ensure of browsing sessions are secure and private. It also offers clearing data history from both Incognito mode and alphanumerical password generation.

9. uMatrix

uMatrix is an extension for users that are more experienced and looking to improve their security. The extension uses a point-and-click method to decide on the type of information that can and cannot be downloaded to a device. It also helps decide what types of browsers can connect and various other actions.

Even though this browser security extension can be a bit overwhelming at first, but it becomes easier to navigate with continuous use. Users will receive a box that will include information about many websites and their offerings or regarding scripts, cookies, frames, images, CSS, and other codes.

Users have the choice of blocking all these codes from being accessed. For example, users can use uMatrix to prevent the use of all social media on their devices. This is something that employers usually take advantage of when restricting their employees to work-related internet activity.

10. Blur

Today, almost every subscription website requires a password. The passwords are required to have upper and lower case letters, special characters, and numbers. Such passwords are not easy to remember and days of writing them down are gone.

Password management tool available online and on the Chrome browser often asks to save your password when entering a specific site. While using a PC at home it might be okay, however, for businesses it is not safe to have your passwords stored in this format.

Businesses need to have all passwords encrypted to avoid people randomly gaining access to the managing tool. Blur help saves and encrypts passwords to keep them safe. Tracking protection keeps hackers from seeing what you’re doing and blocks those that are working with cookies. So, it is a great tool to avoid an insecure browsing experience.


Users can always alter sites that they consider to be blacklisted or whitelisted. The primary goal of this extension is to allow users to have full control of their privacy and security for great browsing and internet experience.

To Boost the Security of the Chrome browser, Use all these Security Extensions For Chrome Browser.

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