5 Points That Prove The Importance of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence In The Future World

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‘Hey Google, give me 5 points that prove the importance of robotics & artificial intelligence in the future world!’

Today artificial intelligence and robotics have been such a mundane part of our lives that we appreciate these genius innovations less.

Forget centuries, not even a decade ago humankind would have imagined that a small machine right beside their television can answer all their worldly questions!

Did your Google Assistant suggest this article in return to the question you asked them? Well, that’s understandable as in this article we will be elaborating why AI and robotics are important for tomorrow’s world and how artificial intelligence could be used in the future world.

Pointers That Prove The Importance of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence In The Future World

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Concepts like robotics seem like something from science fiction but with AI evolving rapidly, a completely digitally assisted world has already made its arrival.

Artificial intelligence has also established the foundation of computer learning and took the invention of that device to another level.

1. Robots And Artificial Intelligence Never Get Tired

Other than the most obvious pointer of them easing our job, it has also been estimated that new forms of jobs will be coming to play solely for artificial intelligence. Because they will never get tired it will be easier for them to do most of the monotonous work.

Companies will be assigned most of the repetitive workload like testing software to them. They will not have unnecessary conflicts and neither will they require personal recreational time.

2. Adaptability To Help HumanKind

This is one of the most effective reasons among the 5 points that prove the importance of robotics & artificial intelligence in the future world.

AI has a sturdy build which allows them to adapt to any situation. On top of that, they have a very spontaneous thinking capacity and can come up with correct solutions most of the time.

AI can further help people to navigate their way through transportation [which it is already doing] and it is also venturing into autonomous driving.

Robotics on the other hand will be used for physical assistance for human beings starting with the differently-abled kind. They will be known as service robots.

This will also allow data to be adapted to different devices and make them smart. Talking of different devices, do you know Bluestacks can allow you to operate android on your laptop.

Want to know whether bluestacks is safe? Or maybe the best laptops in town?

Wait, let me ask Siri this time!

3. Education Through AI

How many times have we complained about AI one teacher not being enough for a classroom full of 50 students? Lucky for us because the day isn’t far when individual concentration will be given to each and every child through AI-generated robots in classrooms.

Limitless data can be transferred into AI and there will be no such queries of the students’ that it cannot answer. Therefore, implementing AI in the educational field is much needed.

4. AI To Eradicate Crime

With the newfound technological innovations through AI and robotics, tech gurus are estimating a crime rate reduction with its implementation.

These things have often only been shown in movies but it is not part of fiction anymore. At least not for long.

That’s why it has found its place among the 5 points that prove the importance of robotics & artificial intelligence in the future world

AI processed CCTV and drones are the future for the crime management departments. With its precision, the tricks through which it will get to the criminal will be incomprehensible for them.

Statistics have also shown that among the 50 largest nations almost 30 police stations have already utilized the method of prediction software. This AI predicts the nearest palace of crime. Kind of like a weather forecast.

5. AI For Cyber Security

It is ironic to think that the phenomenon that can cause a breach in cyber security can also be a cure for the same. Cyber security has reached its height with the advancing of AI, especially during the pandemic.

I am not just talking about debilitating issues like digital data robbery or breach of privacy but also heavy malware attacks that possess the quality of erasing your device in seconds.

With the new AI and robotics innovations, tech masters are finding new ways to recognize these beforehand and halt the attack.

AI is already assisting in combating terrorism with highly effective tools like speech recognition or facial recognition tools that are helping to find missing people.

No, The Robots Won’t Start Ruling The World!

When we think about why many people are opposed to the idea of artificial intelligence and robotics, the thought of giant robots dictating humankind comes to our mind.

Although it does sound like an excellent movie plot, I would like to tell you that these AI-generated machines are not left alone to work on their own. They are always monitored. So, I think you are not the only one scared of robotic domination.

Facebook itself immediately stopped two AI programs after the robots created started talking to each other in a language unknown to mankind.

Hence, to conclude, AI and robotics are important for the future world but at the same time, we have to remember that they cannot be created without the genius of a human mind.

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