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40+ Hilarious Tech Memes that’ll Make You Laugh for Hours


Memes, in general, are funny but tech memes are funnier. This is because they depict the reality of technology and its aspects. After surfing all over the internet, we found 50 technology-related memes to make you laugh. This list of memes are dealing with the major tech niches like AI, ML, coding, programming, and others. So, get ready for a hilarious ride across the tech meme town for the next 5 minutes.  

PS: We honestly prepared this list after laughing hard for hours.  

1. Technology Memes on AI 

Just like one does not simply confuse BOROmir as Ned Stark,  

Technology Memes on AI  

Us: Googles ‘memes on artificial intelligence

Google: “Here are some funny memes on machine learning”

AI face meme 

It’s okay, Tom. We are on the same boat now.

tom AI meme  

Artificial Intelligence for artificially intelligent people.  

Artificial Intelligence cartoon meme 

When you search your name and find “update available” written against it 

AI updated meme 

2. Tech Meme on Machine Learning 

When you take “pool of knowledge” way too seriously 

Deep Learning meme

Meanwhile, Einstein *takes 100 attempts to invent the light bulb* 

Machine learning Funny meme 

Machine Learning learning machine learning to learn machines for machine learning (we ran out of verbs) 

pikachu meme on machine learning  

 Machine Learning Labyrinth 

machine learning meme  

“If” only they knew 

tech meme  

101 Reasons to not call your pet ‘Muffin’ or ‘Cupcake’ 

how to confuse AI meme  

3. Tech Memes on Cloud and Cloud Computing 


Transparency and cloud storage go hand-in-hand, maybe?  Don’t be a boomer 

cloud stair meme 

Maybe, that’s a Gen-Z cloud 

cloud computing meme

Clouds in 205 BC: Spillage 

Clouds in 2022: Storage 

cloud meme


Always run a rain check 

tech meme on ai 

4. Tech Memes on Programming (Our Favorite) 


It’s a unique skill to decode the reason 

star walk on tech meme 

Took us a while to program process this  

programming joke Funny meme 

It’s indeed the wrong window 

marvel tech meme  

‘Hits F5 zillion times’ 

work focus meme  

Yes, Karen. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.  

frontend and backend funny meme

They never stop bugging 

coding meme  

5. Technology Memes on Coding 


One ‘curl’ is all it takes 

Programmer Humor funny meme 

Brownie points if you’re parseltongue 

python programing funny meme 

Not everyone is as good as the Salt Bae, Leo.  

funny meme on programing  

‘Eye’ C What U Did There  

eye meme

Unacceptably acceptable joke 

funny tech joke 

6. Tech Meme on Cryptocurrency 


Burning the midnight oil is not everyone’s cup of tea 

funny crypto meme 

Meanwhile, Bitcoin rewarding me in bits  

time travel funny meme 

When you’re Jordan one day and Jack the other 

funny meme on crypto 

Is it worth a shot?  

crypto meme 

“Hanging around or swinging by,” it’s the same.  

old meme 

7. Tech Memes on Gaming (Our First Favorite) 


How looking through the glass might have felt for Alice 

tech meme on gaming 

Gamers are cooler (than everyone) 

gaming meme  

Maybe they didn’t consult Dr. Robotnik 

batmen tech meme

The Silence of the Enemies 

pubg tech meme

The Battle of O-G 

dank tech meme 

8. Tech Meme on Linux 


Just a father showering his kid with knowledge 

data science meme

It’s only a matter of moments 

Tech Meme on Linux

Something to think about. 

window vs linux meme

Successful Error 

because linux meme 

The classic Linux vs Windows meme

classic linux meme

The End of the Show 

If you find the above-listed technology memes hilarious, don’t forget to browse through the list again for another round of laughter. Hope you enjoyed Tech Research Online.

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