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Facebook Gaming: What is it? How to Start Using the Platform


We all remember that summer when we went to the arcade and never returned. Maybe because we were too grown-up or maybe because we were too busy making our Facebook accounts.  

Believe it or not, but what started as an amusement machine has now turned into a multi-million-dollar industry.   

Don’t believe me?  

Well, statistically speaking video games (as an industry) generated $120 billion last year alone. This means that if the gaming industry was a country, it would probably rank within the top 100 GDPs.  

And it’s just the beginning!  

While video gaming was already booming, COVID-19 pushed people inside their homes and many of them have taken up gaming as a hobby, be it on a gaming console or mobile phone.   

With the rising revenue of the gaming industry, major tech companies have started to put their horse in the race.   

Eyeing this opportunity, Facebook has also launched its gaming app, Facebook Gaming.   

Facebook’s new app is already giving fierce competitors to Twitch and YouTube Gaming, which holds the largest shares in the market.   

To build Facebook Gaming, the social media giant has partnered with Microsoft to bring over its Mixer platform’s popular features.   

Get started with Facebook Gaming

Today, we are going to answers all your how’s and what’s, so you can get started with Facebook Gaming and become a part of the social buzz.  

Q1. What is Facebook Gaming?

Facebook Gaming is a gaming platform that is quite similar to Twitch and YouTube Gaming. However, unlike them, it offers few more perks, especially for Android users.   

In very short, the gaming platform has become a home to a lot of influencers and streamers to start live streams and showcase gameplay. But the best part, people like you and me can also start live streams.  

Facebook Gaming allows all its users (both pros or beginners) to build their community. You can do this by joining groups that are centered around games that they particularly like.   

If you are someone who feels that video games are too time-consuming, don’t worry! Facebook Gaming has something for you too.  

You can browse a whole section of mini-games which consists of a lot of interesting and non-time-consuming games including Ludo Club, OMG, Water Slide, and more.   

Q2. What if You Don’t Find a Group for Yourself?  

In that case, you can also start your gaming groups where you can chat and discuss and play mini-games about things that you and other members do.  

Here, is some bad news for iOS users, this new gaming way does not include the mini-games section to meet Apple’s App Store policies.  

Q3. What is the Difference between Twitch and Facebook Gaming?  


Facebook Gaming 

The platform has the largest market share in the industry  The platform offers great connectivity to social media and Facebook audience 
It is built around gamers, for gamers  Multiple topics and pre-recorded video platform 
The solid fan base of streamers and viewers  Worldwide reach to 1 billion Facebook members 
Easy access to streaming/recording tools/software  Easy to promote on socials to Facebook right on the creator studio page 
Platform accessible extensions  Page advertising built-in 
‘Pay-it-forward’ culture endorses monetary gifting to streamers   Built-in sound collection 

Q4. How to Download and Set up Facebook Gaming?  

To download and set up Facebook Gaming, just follow these simple steps:  

Step 1: Search for the Facebook Gaming app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Download the app by tapping on the Install button and install it on your smartphone.  

Step 2: Once you open the app, login into Facebook Gaming by using your Facebook credentials. After that, you can select all the games that you would like to follow such as Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat 11, and more.  

Step 3: You can then follow the streamers that you’d like to watch such as BBS, StoneMountain64, H2WO, and more.   

Step 4: Once you have selected everything tap on done and your feed will be set up accordingly.  

Set up Facebook Gaming

Q5. What is Facebook Gaming on Mobile?   

One of the most recent updates on Facebook Games is the addition of the Facebook Gaming app. The app is designed to help gamers easily connect with other gamers, discover content, and play casual games.    

It’s similar to the Twitch app as it gives you the ability to easily access and watch videos from streamers. You can also comment and interact with streamers and Facebook groups from within the app.  

Lastly, you can also start streaming from within the app too. However, the app is only Android for now but is expected to be launched in iOS soon.  

Q6. Is Facebook Gaming Any Good?  

The answer is yes. it is good because of its easy-to-use interface and is connected to the social media platform. Besides, it also has a great payout when compared to other platforms.   

Q7. What are the requirements to become monetized Facebook Gaming Creator?  



In-stream ads 
  • Minimum 10,000 followers  
  • Minimum 30,000 x 1-minute views of videos in the last 60 days
Fan subscriptions 
  • 50,000 post engagements in the last 60 days  
  • Minimum 180,000 viewed videos in the last 60 days 


  • Must be a part of the Level Up program 
  • Get at least 100 followers in 14 days and stream on at least 2 days for a least 4 hours total 
Brand collabs manager 
  • 15,000 post engagements in the last 60 days  
  • Minimum 180,000 viewed videos in the last 60 days  
  • Minimum 30,000 x 1-minute views of videos in the last 60 days 

Q8. How do you become a Facebook gamer?  

Follow these steps to become a Facebook gamer:  

Step 1: Go to the Gaming Page Creator.  

Step 2: Enter a name and select continue.  

Step 3: Upload a Profile Picture and a Cover Photo  

Q9. How to Stream on Facebook Gaming?  

First, sign-up and join the Facebook Gaming Creators Community and then follow these steps:  

Step 1: Signing up to join the Facebook Gaming Creators Community (this will also give you early access to new features)  

Step 2: Create a gaming video creator page  

Step 3: Set up the software with Streamlabs OBS or OBS Studio Classic or Split  

Step 4: Visit the creator dashboard to access your stream key  

Step 5: Going live!  

Facebook gamer

Q10. Do You Get Paid for Facebook Gaming?   

Similar to Facebook, Facebook Gaming streamers earn through crowdfunding such as subscriptions, donations, or Facebook Gaming Stars, the platform’s currency. With brands looking to advertise on this platform, streamers are also eligible to potentially earn through high commission affiliate programsgaming sponsorships, merchandising, such as selling custom mugs and t-shirts, and by providing stream-related services

Q11. How Much do Facebook Gamers Make?  

Facebook pays eligible streamers on Facebook Gaming around USD 0.01 per Star. Creators, who are eligible for Stars, can track how many stars they receive by set up their payment account on their Streamer Dashboard.   

Q12. What is the Disadvantage of Facebook Gaming?  

This Gaming only allows streaming from PCs which is its biggest disadvantage. Hence, even if you play the game on your console, you’ll need an HDMI port and a capture card to stream from your PC.  

Q13. Which Is Better: Twitch or Facebook Gaming?  

In our honest opinion, though Facebook Gaming pays more and is easier to grow on for beginners, Twitch has a much larger audience than any other live streaming platform which gives more room for growth. Hence, Twitch is a better platform than Facebook Gaming.   

Q14. Does Twitch or Facebook Gaming Pay More?   

Currently, Facebook Gaming pays more than Twitch because money earned from subs directly goes to the streamer without any cut.  

Q15. How to find Facebook’s game streaming hub?  

Go to FB.gg (or www.facebook.com/gaming).  

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