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Everything You Need to Know : CRM Software


Almost every business has gone global nowadays!

Of course, it shows an improvement in business growth rates. But, it also gives birth to more challenges to handle daily operations because of the involvement of many customers.

No business owner can deny that the customers are the main reason behind their success.

Hence, it is important to maintain the customer retention rate even if your business is on a larger scale. Customer retention rate signifies to track every single aspect linked to customers.

In addition to that, there is a lot more the businesses have to handle on a daily basis- services, sales, customers, staff activities, reports, etc. And, eventually, this is not possible manually.

Hence, here, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software came as a helping hand.  The system is a technology which is used for managing and streamlining customer relations. Also, it helps in increasing profitability, improving sales etc.

What Is CRM Software?

The CRM software is the tool of controlling the interactions and the company’s relationships with the customers and hence, assists in improving the profitability. In general, it helps in workflow processes, productivity, sales management, and many more.

From this solution, you can prioritize business relations with individuals, even if they are service users, suppliers, staff members or customers. Customer Relationship Management is not meant for sales, however, it integrates the marketing and sales tool in the business from human resources to supply chain management and customer service. Moreover, it builds the marketing muscle of the business.

What Is CRM Software

Some Astonishing CRM Statistics

  • From all, CRM is one of the fastest evolving software.
  • Currently, the CRM market size is $120 billion.
  • It is believed that by 2025, the CRM market size will improve by $82 billion
  • Businesses consider CRM, data and list services, social prospecting, email engagement, sales and phone cadence.
  • The growth rate of CRM is supposed to be 25% in marketing leaders.
  • For building personalized interactions with customers for better marketing ROI and improved loyalty, the CRM scores the third position among the technologies and tools.
  • There are 32% of the CRM users of the service industry, 13% are of the ITs and manufacturing companies
  • The market of CRM will grow by 11% and will reach $15 billion globally in this year only
  • There are 91% of companies with approximately 11 employees are using CRM software.
  • CRM can increase the conversion rate by 300%.
  • With Mobile CRM, 50% of the teams have improved their productivity.
  • 2008 has noticed the usage of cloud-based CRM By 12% of companies, and it has improved by 87% by now.

Since the above-mentioned statistics are enough to convince that CRM tool is a must of every business and assures profitable results. Even if you are not satisfied, know-how CRM is a valuable tool for you below.

How Is CRM Beneficial For You?

If you want your business to last, then, you need a profitable approach. You must have targets of business objectives, sales and profitability. Besides, getting reliable and up-to-date information is a difficult task.

What approach do you find suitable to convert the data of sales, social media and marketers monitoring, customer service staff, into valuable business information? Believe us- there is no better option than the CRM system that can provide you with details of customers easily. From the customizable dashboard, you can easily access everything. From the status of their orders, several pending customer service issues, to the customer’s previous history can be checked easily. Also, you can include the data from social media activity, the comments, likes, dislikes, etc.

Features of CRM Software

1. Customer Management

The contact management stores the customer’s details, such as names, contact number, addresses and social media accounts in the centralized database. Customer management is an important element that shows how much the CRM software is capable of.

From here, the businesses can segment the contacts in the groups to manage them properly. Also, you can collect important customer data and sustain marketing strategies while adding new products. Also, it can enhance the personalization of every contact with the customers. Accordingly, the customers can feel delighted and hence, improves the customer satisfaction rate.

2. Lead Management

To know the leads and their actions for the sales cycle can be determined from the lead management. With the lead management process, you can score the lead and if required then, filter it off with different team members to convert the leads to the customers.’

Most of the time, the dead leads remain in customer relationship management for some weeks or months. A savvy sales manager will stay ahead and reassign quiet or seemingly ineffective leads to other members of the team for reinvestment.

Features of CRM software

Hence, we can say that the productivity and efficiency of the sales team help to focus on the accurate leads at an accurate time.

3. Email Integration

Keeping a track on the emails via traditional inbox is a confusing and overwhelming task. It is essential for the single sales emails to be addressed and received on time to improve the revenue generation probability. From the email integration in CRM, you can easily organize the sales reps and make them productive.

The calendars can be integrated easily to schedule the appointments and to attract the customers and prospects. The other best email feature here is that it has the ability to put the email templates automatically. It makes the reps to spare less time in creating the email content. Also, it can be used to build many email templates, like;

  • Necessary information about the company, with business segmentation.
  • Follow-up after the call.
  • Follow-up after sending an email
  • The follow-up to a proposal that reps are expecting from customers to return

4. Document Management

Receive, upload, save and share the documents in the centralized location. It makes it easy for all to access the information seamlessly. Those businesses that have a large team of sales and marketing, document management is the best deal.

Centralizing the important documents can greatly ensure the knowledge of all team members and bring a uniform and uniform experience to the customers.

5. Workflow Automation

Every business owner likes to automate the workflow as it can make their life easier. The solution allows you to set up the customized rules and has sales force automation. From here, you can make the team to provide more profitable results. With the rules, you can fix the CRM software to carry out the specification according to the events or triggers, like:

  • When the possible customers complete the contact form on the website, the CRM software sends the message to an appropriate department or representative automatically.
  • After the sales representative gets a message, the CRM software sends the acknowledgement.
  • When the prospect, lead or opportunity does not revert back to the proposal or message, then the CRM software sends the follow-up message after some time (within 48 hours or two business days).
  • After the sales representative sends messages or makes calls to the customers, the CRM system logs hours and tracks the communications automatically.
  • When the task of the sales representative completes, the CRM software reports them to the upper management or supervisors for the performance reports.

6. Reporting or Analytics

Find out how your business is performing by checking out the sales reporting and analytics on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

From the reporting and analytics, you can run the reports according to the factors, such as funnel stage, geography and some specific sales team members. This type of information permits you to troubleshoot the issues, like, maintaining deeper insights into the overall sales process.

7. Real-time Data

Real-time data is an essential element in every CRM system. The CRMs can easily get the real-time data from the applications, devices and also, the appliances. Find out how real-time data from CRM is beneficial:

  • With the real-time data, you can make the better-information decisions of the placement of online advertising and bidding price.
  • You can have an immediate snapshot of the market interest. From here, you can update the marketing plan to have the fruitful results.
  • You can examine what services or products can generate more revenue and which cannot.

Customer Relationship Management

8. Customer Service

From the CRM software, you can obtain and retain the customer with exceptional customer service. Find out the below capabilities to enable the sales reps and customer support team to achieve the best:

  • It provides you with a 360-degree complete view of customers. It shows everything you must know at the first point of contact.
  • There is tracking of every communication point from the lead acquisition to sales histories and the closed sales automatically.
  • It logs every website visit, purchase history, incident and additional activities for further reference. It also maintains all the reps on one page.
  • For personalizing every correspondence, it personalized the customer’s first name.
  • It has a specific reference number of every customer, account and any help issue.
  • Call scripts and support the prebuilt email templates to answer the common queries.

9. Customization

As the businesses cannot be the same, hence, the suitable software offers you the business individual needs. Few CRM systems allow you to select features that need to be included in the package.

Also, it shows which package needs customization, such as, skills to include contact information, selecting which data to display on the dashboard and generate custom reports. The plugins, extensions and additional add-ons can be customized to improve the software capabilities.

More advanced API options are also provided when you require more customization to customize the CRM Software to the business needs. It provides the developers with authorization of every technical coding and specs for software customization.

The APIs permits you to include the software by an existing business solution the company was already using.

10. Marketing

With the effective marketing feature of CRM software, you can attract more and more customers. This system allows you to send the emails or SMS to the potential customers regarding appointment confirmations, anniversary, birthday or membership plans, etc. Use the coupons and offers to delight the customers.

Also, from the CRM software, you can provide personalized gift cards on some particular group or service to the potential customers and attract them. When it is about marketing the business, loyalty programs cannot be missed.  By offering the loyalty points to the customers, you can create a strong customer base and assure more referrals, security and engagement.


If you are into a business, then, you must adopt the CRM software. Assuredly, the beneficial results will be achieved.

Choose the best CRM software and let your business achieve the desirable heights!!

We hope you find this article useful. If there are some doubts then let us know in the comment section below. Suggestions are also welcome!!

Thanks for reading!!

Kathy Bell

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