7 Futuristic Tech Gadgets in 2022 that will Make You Speechless!

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If you love entertaining yourself with cool and future tech gadgets, this blog is for you..!


How often have you heard that “Tech is future and the future is tech!”? This phrase has become a common saying in a time that is entirely dominated by technology. From sensor-enabled lights to AI-powered health detectors, we are literally waking up and dodging off to technology.

But, (a wise man once quoted) technology is limitless and our affinity for it is boundless! If you should ask, we will affirm that tech gadgets are living proof of this fact. We, as humans, have experimented (leveraged) so much with the aspects of tech that currently we have umpteen number of bizarre yet futuristic tech gadgets to satiate our tech requirements.

How? Have you heard of ‘Amagami Ham Ham’ the comforting pet robot which relieves stress by NIBBLING ON YOUR FINGERS? If not, then you should keep reading this blog to find out more about such futuristic tech gadgets that will impress you as well as amaze you!

So, brace yourselves for the unravelling of 7 futuristic tech gadgets that will make your head spin in amazement.

List of 7 Future Tech Gadgets

1. Emobot (Friendly AI Desktop Pet with Personality and Ideas)

Emobot Futuristic Tech Gadgets

Recently, Instagram was flooded with videos and snaps of a tiny AI robot that could react in 1000+ different ways! Unanimously popular as the Emobot, it is the Living AI. The Emobot is a cool sidekick and a smart robot who is a versatile helper and has a unique personality.

Emo can perform an array of tasks. He can cheer you up, groove to music, and play online games with you. He is also a great helper who can wake you up, turn on the lights, take pictures and answer questions.

Here is a list of things that Emo can do:

      • Move independently and explore surroundings
      • Track sounds
      • Recognize people and objects
      • Navigate desktop perimeter without (ever) falling off
      • Make decisions on his own
      • Evolve his personality based on his surroundings and your interactions
      • Respond naturally with expressions and movements
      • Express feelings and emotions with his latest Emotion Engine System

He might as well get a little annoyed if you try interrupting him!

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2. Mezmocoin Galactic

Futuristic Tech Gadgets

The next to be on the list of cool futuristic tech gadgets is the Mezmocoin Galatic. This pocket-sized spinning coin will make you forget Fidget Spinners. A spinner toy, the Mezmocoin Galatic comes with holographic galaxies—a new addition to the Mezmocoin series.

This spinning coin can spin smoothly for up to 12 minutes. Unlike fidget spinners, it will fascinate your eyes with holographic images of galaxies, set beneath a clear resin dome. Galactic is a mesmerizing combination of optical illusion and space explorations. Built with the highest level of craftsmanship, Mezmoglobe has used real Space footage from existing Galaxies, Nebulas and other Space objects.

The coin will rotate smoothly on any desk, making it the perfect companion during your boring moments of the day. Simultaneously, it stands as a beautiful design piece while not in use. Mezmocoin Galactic will help you with several tedious tasks. It will help unleash your inner creativity and imagination, relieve stress, and maintain intact focus. You can simply take a break from your schedule and play around as well. Besides, Galactic can be your creative companion on Mondays as well as Tuesdays.

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3. Loop Neck Pillow

Futuristic Tech Gadgets

What could be the futuristic version of travel neck pillows? The Loop Neck Pillow is the perfect neck pillow ideal for a long journey. It allows you to get rid of the typical travel neck pillows—the inflatable ones, the microbead ones as well as the ones with memory foams. With the Loop Neck Pillow, you can bid goodbye to the uncomfortable ones that are neither stiff nor embrace the shape of your neck properly.

Loop Neck Pillow allows you to customize and design the shape of your neck pillow. Here is a list of features offered by it:

    • Better spinal support with pressure-sensitive memory foam that allows you to relax completely
    • Enhanced chin support that keeps your chin up while sitting in a straight position
    • Infinite customizable shapes that makes it easy to be customized into any shape
    • You can control its temperature in a single flip
    • The pillows is adaptable to multiple trips
  • You can easily carry it (in a hygienic manner) wherever you go

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4. LARQ Bottle Filtered

Futuristic Tech Gadgets

If you’re tired of cleaning your bottles every now and then to get rid of the stink, this bottle will help you with the chore. The LARQ Bottle is the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle! It purifies your water and neutralizes the stinking smell of bottle mouth that is hated worldwide. Let us explain how the bottle’s self-cleaning mechanism works.

The LARQ Water Bottle Filtered uses a Nano Zero filter technology that has two layers:

    • Activated Carbon that traps contaminants such as chlorine and VOCs; and
    • Nano Zero technology grabs onto heavy metals that purify the water and enhance its taste.

Even if you are collecting water from sources such as rivers, the bottle’s technology can also filter out the bits of sediment in the water. It is insulated from within and hence, the water stays cool or hot for much longer than a standard bottle. In fact, the bottle is airport-friendly as well as travel-friendly. It is also easy to use and has sleek and attractive aesthetics. It cleans itself every 2 hours, thus preventing the accumulation of microbes and stink in the bottle. With the LARQ Bottle Filtered, you can save a lot of money since it’s reusable. You can also drop it (accidentally) and there will be no impact on its technology or the bottle itself.

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5. Atmoph Window

 Are you daunted by the citylights’ view from your window? If yes, then you can customize your own view with this futuristic window. How about an ocean view or the view of green mountains? The Atmoph window helps you customize your own window’s view. It is a smart wall scenery display that lets you set a scenic view from a catalog of thousands of beautiful displays.

Atmoph Window Futuristic Tech Gadgets

The Atmoph Window is a smart display in the shape of a window. It lets you choose (and see) scenes from around the world. You can simply put it on your desk or hang it on the wall. It has a thousand interactive videos of serene sceneries from around the world, with complete audio that gives realistic experiences. You can also connect your smartphone with the window and relive your most nostalgic moments. These features make it one of the best futuristic tech gadgets of all time.

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6. Ruconla Fiber Optic Cap LED hat

Ruconla Fiber Optic Cap LED hat Futuristic Tech Gadgets

If you’re looking to be the life of the party, we have a really cool tech gadget for you. The Ruconla Fiber Optic Cap LED hat comes in

      • 7 light-up colors (red, green, blue, gold, light blue, purple and white); and
      • 5 flashing modes (Monochrome, Flash, Gradual, Smooth, Polychromatic)

It is essentially one of the best party materials. The hat is unisex and easy to wear. You can adjust its size using the adjustable strap and buckle. It emits no radiation and is harmless to the body. You can charge the hat using the rechargeable battery that takes up to 2 hours for charging. Once (fully) charged, you can use it for up to 2-4 hours without any pause. You can also wash it gently.

Futuristic Tech Gadgets 6. Ruconla Fiber Optic Cap LED hat

The Ruconla Fiber Optic Cap LED hat is portable. So, you can carry it around wherever you go. This futuristic tech gadget is best suited for celebratory, party, vacation, and holiday events. You can also gift it to others and surprise them!

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7. Moxie Robot

Moxie Robot Futuristic Tech Gadgets

 Since we are living in an era where technology has influenced people of every age, especially kids. Thus, the last to be on our list of futuristic tech gadgets is the Moxie robot. It is a cutting-edge robot companion created specifically for kids. Moxie was created when a group of robotics, engineers, neuroscientists, creative storytellers and child development specialists collaborated. Altogether, they created this ingenious robot that teaches youngsters how to interact with each other and learn new abilities.

Moxie is a socially assistive robot for children. It fosters social, emotional, and cognitive learning through play-based learning and engagement in the shape of a lovely character. It might look like a toy, but it is much more than that.

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So, this concludes our list of 7 futuristic tech gadgets.

Watch out the video!!

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There are a few of those new tech gadgets that have grasped our attention and made us realize how boundless technology is!

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