Useful Interactive 360° Virtual Tour Tips
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5 Useful Interactive 360° Virtual Tour Tips for Businesses


Times are changing, and so is how things are run. Businesses have been affected by the change, and they are left with no other choice but to look for ways to fit in lest they won’s survive.

Resulting in interactive 360° virtual tour is one of the ways that businesses are adapting. It has seen many owners stand out, which is always an advantage, especially when targeting online customers.

After all, who doesn’t want only to visit a site if they already serve their needs? It saves them unnecessary trips, queues, effort, money, and time.

A 360° virtual tour simulates an existing location which means your customers experience being inside a particular business without setting foot there. All they need to do is find a device, and you are in regardless of the time or place.

Have you ever experienced the virtual reality headset experience? If so, then the 360°virtual tour will not be unfamiliar territory. One common thing about the two scenarios is the experience, immersive and true-to-life.

However, applying a strategy is as important as doing it right. Do you plan to start an interactive 360° virtual tour? Are you already doing it and aren’t sure whether you are doing it accordingly? If nodding in response, this piece is a must-read.

It discusses 5 Useful Interactive 360° Virtual Tour Tips for Businesses. After all, not doing something the right way may render it useless hence not serve its purpose.

In other cases, it may end up doing more harm than good. So, let’s discuss the 5 Useful Interactive 360° Virtual Tour Tips for Businesses without further ado.

1. Getting the Correct Equipment and Software

Ensure that the camera you settle for, 360-degree or panoramic, is of high quality. It should be easy to use, or else it will be of no use to you.

The price should also be pocket-friendly, but that should not be the only thing you should consider. Otherwise, you may end up compromising the quality as you chase cheap photography gear.

Identify a great virtual tour software provider, preferably those with discounts or the ones who offer you their cameras. If your budget allows, go for the one with fantastic features.

Keep in mind that the higher the resolution, the better the camera. No one wants blurry pictures, which is why going for stabilizer options is a wise decision.

The remote operation could be an added advantage. If you can’t afford to buy a high-quality 360-degree camera, renting one is better than buying a cheap one only to get mediocre results.


2. Choosing the Right Location and Time

First and foremost, identify the areas you want to capture in your 360° Virtual Tour. If avoidable, don’t go for rooms with bad lighting. Identify their center and ensure that your camera will capture every part of your room you want to be caught.

If it is not ideal, look for another spot that will serve the purpose better. If it means removing some unnecessary things to achieve it, go for it.

It doesn’t end there when it comes to location. You don’t want to distract your customers with a messy room which is why you need to tidy it up.

If something can be done, ensure that the light is enough for someone watching to see the essential things. Clean it to get rid of any dirt because that’s something a great camera will not miss.

Above all, choose the time ideally. It plays a massive role in determining the lighting, which you can’t afford to take for granted.

Especially when creating an interactive 360° virtual tour for your business, lighting is vital. The best recommendation is sunset which is warm and gentle since the light isn’t too much at that time.

3. Things to Add or Remove

Great software will give you the liberty to add some extra features. They include hotspots often referred to as interactive links, audio descriptions, text, and music. Hotspots give you a chance to have your website link, social platforms buttons, photo galleries, and videos.

Take advantage of that to the maximum. Be careful when using the hotspots, especially the text you select, since it could make all the difference.

Go ahead and personalize it further with custom colors, logos, or fonts. Look for a nice frame, flower vases, and classic furniture to make the location visually impressive.

However, don’t do an interactive 360° virtual tour in a place with mirrors. Mirrors and any other types of reflections, not forgetting shadows, never auger well with photography leave alone virtual tours.

Interactive 360° Virtual Tour Tips

4. Outsource Someone to Do the Job

Sometimes being a DIY is not an option, especially if you lack the necessary skills. That’s where getting an experienced person to do the job becomes the better option.

You will be surprised how great professionals are to the extent that they can take images and combine them to form a great virtual tour.

They may also have professional-grade 360-degree cameras that will produce excellent results, and the fact that they know how to use them makes it even better.

5. Sharing Widely

Once you have a masterpiece, the next tip is to get out of your way and share them with the world. An excellent sharing option is going for social media due to the high number of users.

If it is good, you can rest assured that those who see it will end up sharing it. As it makes rounds in social media, it increasing the chances of reaching potential customers.

Consequently, chances of increasing your sales also increase. Isn’t that what your business is hoping to achieve with the 360° virtual tour?


The above 5 useful interactive 360° virtual tour tips have the power to make your business stand out. When almost every industry is overcrowded, that’s something every company is thriving to achieve.

So, take advantage of 360° virtual tours, and above all, consider the above tips so that you can get to do it right. Your business will thank you once you apply them, and you will be happy, no doubt.

Caroline Gray

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