Best Embedded Analytics Tools and BI Software
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The 20 Best Embedded Analytics Tools and BI Software


BI tools are applications that accumulate, reshape, and analyze results to assist decision-makers in promoting economic activity. BI tools require considerable volumes of complex data from multiple sources, convert it, and help extract actionable advanced analytics from data.

Alteryx is a well-known data analytics process that aids clients in having a positive customer experience. It offers a variety of data analytics applications. Also Alteryx is a self-service evaluation firm with a visually appealing user experience.

These evaluations could be used as Extract, Turn, Load (ETL) techniques within the Alteryx framework. Moreover, Alteryx Training will make you an expert as a data analyst or data professional.

Top 20 Embedded Analytics and BI Software Tools:

  • Dundas BI
  • Domo
  • EXago
  • GoodData
  • Hitachi Vantra
  • IBM Cognos Analytics
  • Izenda
  • Logi Analytics
  • Looker
  • Microstrategy
  • Mode Analytics
  • Oracle
  • Panintelligence
  • Qlik sense
  • Tibco software
  • Sisense
  • Thought Spot
  • Toucan
  • YelowfinBI
  • Zoho Analytics

Dundas BI

Dundas Business intelligence is a platform for business intelligence, predictive analysis, and dashboards that allow managers to result-oriented into corporations, visual analytics for speedier perspectives, and increased efficiency.

It empowers users by giving them control beyond the customer experience, making it simple to tailor to the desires and individual needs of different types of customers.

Dundas business intelligence is built on an open API, so it can be customized to meet the needs of each user.


Domo is a digital, cloud-based business intelligence platform that really assists organizations in greater assimilating, evaluating, while using the information to deliver identity and intervention around the company.

The Domo system augments the current data warehouse and Advanced analytics by enabling developers to design mobile apps, optimize data pipelines, and make machine learning available to everyone around the organization through computerized knowledge and insight which can be easily shared with internally or externally interested parties.


Exago Business intelligence entirely relies on the web platform and serves as the top analytical remedy for the corporate sectors for those who are looking for clients to offer them Adhoc stats, analytical dashboards, and business analytics.

Moreover, the incorporation of the web applications such as SaaS and on-premises applications enables non -IT staff to generate quality reports and dashboards, etc.

Exago BI has enhanced features like engaging data analytics, geospatial maps, ups and downs, consumer methods, and data combining into pre-made templates.

BI Software Tools


By encouraging the development, distribution, and computerized management of data analysis at scale, the GoodData interface allows the ability to develop reports to existing clients, co-partners, and many other clients who prefer to rely on this outstanding platform.

GoodData is intended to aid the data analytical product framework that helps consumers to provide any data source, visual analytics, interaction, or integration that their partners require.

The software offers data analysis and expert knowledge for enforcing informed choices within company applications and systems.

Hitachi Vantra

The Pentaho data analytics system from Hitachi enables companies to modify and combine data of all systems and variables.

The product includes a number of features for large data sets and data collaboration. Hitachi’s Pentaho data analysis technology allows companies to obtain and integrate information of all types and sizes.

A number of features for big data data management preparation are included in the product.

IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM provides a wide range of Business intelligence and data analytic platforms through two separate product lines.

This system is a self-service integrated solution that enables customers to create data and reports, and dashboards as well.

Through 2 separate product categories, IBM offers a variety of BI and advanced analytics. Consumers can view information and build dashboards and reports using the Cognos Advanced analytics, which is a self-service affordable system.


Izenda is a BI system that allows individual software vendors (ISVs), solution providers, as well as other application developers to embed disclosing and predictive analysis in the operating system that their clients use on a daily basis.

The business provides a ready-to-integrate integrated Business intelligence system that enables companies with on-premises, cloud applications, SaaS, and multi-tenant implementations to send advanced, self-service analytical reports, workflows, and big data.

People communicate with customizable analytics through an entire browser interface, with no database perception or IT interference required.

Logi Analytics

Logi Analytics provides an innovation interface that enables designers to develop, deploy, and manage data analysis in their application areas.

The Logi Analytics Platform is used to incorporate and assimilate data analysis content and abilities into a current system or platform. Application teams keep control over customer experience as well as the capacity to achieve particular criteria.

Logi Services, as a component of the Logi Platform, incorporates REST APIs, enables customers to communicate algorithmically with sources of data, infographics, and workflows.


Looker provides data analytics and data business intelligence system based on LookML, its open-source programming language.

The digital marketing implementation of the companies making filtration and trenching abilities, allowing the user to dive deep into row-level specifics in their free time.

Looker’s analytics are energized by contemporary databases and a flexible simulation layer that enables people to define control and data direct exposure.

Companies can use Looker’s modern RESTful API or the scheduling system highlight to produce findings via email or webhook.


The enterprise BI and analytics platform from MicroStrategy manages to combine self-service analytical data processing and visual information discovery.

MicroStrategy single solution drivers out and gateways for linking to any innovation resource, such as datasets, mobile device management systems, innovation directories, distributed computing, and psychical authentication protocols.

MicroStrategy’s integrated cloud option enables it to be integrated into various web and mobile applications including portals, CRM techniques, chatbots, and also google assistants such as Alexa.

Mode Analytics

Mode Analytics allows us to perform detailed analyses by connecting among the SQL editor, R, and python programming languages thereby enabling engaging visualization techniques.

The cloud-based SQL Editor provides people to optimize, share, and lookup analyses, as well as define meanings, while findings are updated automatically.

The dashboard’s important elements such as calculated fields, drag-and-drop analysis, and specially made visualization tools.

Notebooks enable you to broaden your evaluation, work collaboratively with other team members, as well as tell data stories.

 Embedded Analytics


Oracle provides a complete set of business intelligence tools and analytics tools which would be dispatched on or around the Oracle Cloud system. The firm offers big Data abilities as part of the Business Intelligence 12c solution remedies.

Oracle Data Visualization comes with extra advanced capabilities, such as the ability to easily regard the understanding as interactive interface, graphs, and charts. Consumers could also save screenshots of a technical point in time using a user story.


Pi is an attractive method that provides self-service analytics to incorporate business intelligence, straightforward reporting, and business intelligence.

With the help of white labels, users can  use the apps and incorporate them into current SaaS products for a more simple interface, or communicate it to cloud data warehousing and ETL tools for a much more simple interface.

Pi also focuses on different data sources and also focuses on AI data analysis and computerization to generate readily available insights, while performance indicators can be entirely customized by each customer without any need for software development.

Qlik Sense

Qlik provides a large array of Reporting and data analytics tools, the most notable of which is the corporation’s flagship product, Qlik Sense. Companies can use the remedy to centralize all of their information systems into one system.

The Qlik Analytics enables customers to create, broaden, and incorporate visualization analytics in business platforms and portals. The engrained functionality is built into a centrally controlled compliance and management framework.

Qlik can be created and encoded as straightforward mashups, or it can be incorporated into application areas, data services, or IoT platforms.

Tibco Software

TIBCO’s product abilities are substantial, encompassing everything from data integration and Web services to visualization tools, monitoring, and data science.

The BI and analytics investment of the corporation is split into 2 parts: TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO Jaspersoft. TIBCO Spotfire is the company’s more modern framework.

It allows creating a visual display, data prep, innovation governance, and analytical tools. TIBCO Jaspersoft supports both traditional reporting and integrated BI usability.


Sisense simplifies the process of gaining actionable insights from the unstructured information of any format. Users can face competition and discover insights in a single platform without any need for scriptwriting, coding, or IT assistance.

Sisense is commercialized as a single system with a preprocessing and designing back end. It also has sophisticated testing capabilities as well as a dashboarding and image processing front-end.

Sisense is greatest suited for companies that require the analysis of huge bulk of data from various sources.

Thought Spot

Thought Spot has been greatly reflected by the machining learning and AI automation techniques. Although it may occur complexly, one of the product’s strengths is its ease of use. It has a comprehensive architecture and instinctive insight grown through an in-memory computation engine.

A decentralized system easy scaling, and compatibility with existing ETL solutions maintain complete interconnection to preferred data sources. Thought Spot Acceptance works with Google Cloud Storage and lets you run quest and AI predictive analysis directly in your online systems.


Toucan is a process of information storytelling for non-IT decision-makers. People can interact with valuable intelligence that adopts the built-in no-code system.

Toucan Toco adjusts to user habits by launching systems and applications to all might need and with no extra work, configuration, or post-deployment  system that integration could be used to gain access to created collaboration features.

Furthermore, the tool has an adaptable layout  and the capacity to incorporate graphs into internet sites or even other systems.

Yelowfin BI

Yellowfin was an Australian Data and analytics specializes in advanced dashboards and data analytics. Its system enables Assisted Insights, an AI algorithm that offers automated responses in the form of short best practice visualization techniques and stories.

Yellowfin provides a number of pre-built dashboards, and consumers can incorporate immersive reports in third-party systems like a web page, wiki, or company intranet. In addition, the company is offering native mobile apps.

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a business intelligence and data analytics tool that enables you to incorporate information from diverse sources and builds cross-functional dashboards and reports.

The app has a user interface developer as well as numerous data visualization for digging down to details. Zia, a “smart choice ” assistant, can respond to questionnaires in the context of reports and KPI widgets using AI, and NLP.

consumers can utilize, and help organize, and intelligent data alerts that will inform you of any exceptions or irregularities.


I hope you’ve gone through each of the embedded analytics and BI management applications that will undoubtedly aid in the processing of the agency’s data analytics. Premised on those statistics, users can seek to improve the financial operations.

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